Greenery Installation At NAB's New Martin Place Branch Location

Greenery Installation At NAB's New Martin Place Branch Location

Project Details

Executive Summary

We had the absolute privilege of working alongside Lendlease on this brand new NAB location in Sydney's Martin Place. We've worked on multiple NAB fit-outs, however this particular project was extra exciting due to the prime location. 

It was our job to create an enticing, modern and charming shop front that featured stretching glass windows and is completely transparent to the outside commuters. We installed our greenery atop a suspended lighting fixture, resulting in the illusion of an overhead jungle canopy. We also installed our plants into a timber planter box, breaking up the bright orange colours throughout the shop and smoothing the contrast of natural colourings and materials against such vibrancy.

To achieve this, we utilised a range of our plants, including our Pothos Variegated hanging bush, Syngogium garland, Syngogium hanging bush and Grape Leaf hanging bush. This diverse variety of plants allowed us to create the most organic and authentic looking feature piece possible, while the nature of our greenery meant that our clients weren't left with additional maintenance tasks.



We were required to install our products upon an overhead lighting fixture, and this called for the use of access equipment. Our services were also in collaboration with many other trades, meaning that our project management team had to be extremely organised and ensure our installers worked within the allocated time frame. We're highly experienced in commercial installations and these challenges were only met with solutions and efficiency.


How Our Products Helped

Our products worked to elevate the atmosphere in the brand new NAB location, creating an enjoyable environment for clients and employees to meet. The interior of the branch is visible from the street outside so it was absolutely imperative that the store looked professional, charming and modern, and our greenery helped to create this look. Our artificial plants are of the highest quality and look extremely lifelike so they won't look tacky or outdated. They're almost indistinguishable from the real thing and uphold an element of class while adding much needed colour and texture.


Results, Return On Investment And Future Plans

The result of our greenery installation was a stunning new shopfront for NAB, right in the middle of Sydney's most prime business location of Martin Place. The importance of aesthetic investment in store fronts and client-facing commercial businesses is absolutely priceless and helps to make the customer experience so much more delightful, aiding in customer uptake and retention. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Lendlease and bringing our clients vision to life and hope to work together again in the near future.


Lendlease & NAB


Pothos Variegated Hanging Bush

Syngogium Garland

Syngogium Hanging Bush

Grape Leaf Hanging Bush





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