Crinitis Harbourside Restaurant hanging greenery install

Crinitis Harbourside Restaurant hanging greenery install

Project Details

Crinitis is located at Harbourside shopping centre in Darling Harbour, close to the Sydney Central Business District where foot traffic is high. Their flagship restaurant was in need of character and to improve the atmosphere for their guests.

Their real plants had slowly started to perish, and upkeep and maintenance was something they wanted to remove for that aspect of the business

The ambience was greatly improved with a range of UV safe hanging greenery.

3 x 12m-14m Cable wires, approx 3 x vines per linea meter
2 x vertical poles near harbour side stairs entry
4 x square planters - 340mm x 340mm opening, need to get foam cut to size and install onto existing dirt in pots.

Total: 136 vines and bushes





• Technical specialist - technical drawings
• Sydney Installation team - Five qualified installers, Sydney Project Director, Commercial Access Equipment 


Calathea Bush BurgundyCalathea Bush GreenBoston Fern RuffleMonstera BushLeather FernSyngonium Hanging Bush LightPothos Variegated BushAngel VineGardiner Leaf Vine, Ivy Garland VineIvy Garland Variegated VineFishbone Fern Bush




Level 2 Harbourside Shopping Centre 2, 10 Darling Dr, Sydney NSW 2000,

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