Retail & Shopping

We are a preferred supplier for shopping centres throughout Australia. 

Our premium artificial vertical gardens have a Group 2 fire rating, are low-maintenance, high quality, and can bring any space to life without ongoing maintenance costs.

Shopping Centres

Charterhall Shopping Centre

Bring the outdoors in, to create a relaxing, calm ambience for shoppers.

Evergreen's solution to cover-up an old fashioned design in a high-traffic location transformed the atmosphere in Charterhall's Orange location from bleak to vibrant and inviting.

  • Bespoke green wall revitalises shopping experience

  • Timeless, beautiful greenery adds to ambience

  • Breathes new life into shopping centre with no ongoing up-keep

Harbour Town - Adelaide

Evergreen Walls adds the perfect finishing touch to multi-million dollar upgrade,

Modern architecture and fresh renovations can look bare, feel stark and uninviting for visitors. Evergreen's finishing touch adds an organic-looking, natural canopy that's welcoming to shoppers and retailers looking for space.

  • Bring stark spaces to life with bespoke Evergreen fauna designs

  • Natural-looking finish to renovations

  • High quality solution with zero maintenance

Colonnades Shopping Centre

Evergreen's hanging vines and baskets add alluring vibrancy to bare concrete.

Evergreen's solution created a more pleasant and welcoming experience for shoppers and created a loyal clientele that might otherwise have gone elsewhere.

  • Creates appealing environment that entices shoppers

  • Evergreen's versatile range provides solutions for any shopping centre

  • A maintenance-free method to achieve natural-looking greenery

Why choose us?

Bespoke, custom solutions curated to your design

Full service consultation, design & installation

Ultra-realistic, UV & Fire-Rated greenery that’s designed to last

Extensive stock availability & fast dispatch Australia wide

Diverse range from hanging greenery, to pots, plants & green walls

Durable, low maintenance, warranty protected greenery

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