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Artificial Greenery Design Services

Evergreen Walls is Australia's leading artificial greenery design service provider, offering innovative and practical solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Our specialised team of project managers, designers, technical specialists, and installers has over 7 years of experience in delivering exceptional designs, transforming environments and enhancing our clients projects.

Benefits of Artificial Greenery

Designing your project with the right Artificial Greenery brings numerous advantages to both residential and commercial spaces, including:

  • Instant greenery, with low entry costs

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • All-year-round natural aesthetics

  • Reduces noise pollution

  • Use biophilic design to enhance overall well-being

Why Choose Evergreen Walls

Our in-house team is dedicated to providing an end-to-end service that ensures every detail is carefully managed from design consultations to installation. With a range of customisable green walls, vertical gardens, and artificial plants, we are committed to delivering unique and extraordinary solutions tailored to your vision.

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Green Wall Design Services

Our design experts offer in-depth consultations for those looking to start a blank canvas project or seeking design advice for existing concepts. Whether it's a residential, commercial, or large-scale project, we handle all aspects of design, supply, and installation.

Custom Greenery Design and Installation

Whether it's an expansive commercial property or an intimate residential space, our designers are experts at drawing up articulate and detailed shop drawings and artworks. Each design is a collaborative process that gives clients a range of customisation options. Once approved, our experienced in-house team ensures professional installation, ensuring each and every aspect is executed with precision.

Expanded Range of Artificial Plants

In addition to our artificial green walls, we offer a broad selection of artificial plants, pots, planters and custom hardware solutions that offer design continuity and can reduce your project costs. Use our design team to help you integrate all these elements to improve your project.

Visualise with Artwork and Shop Drawings

We believe in assisting our clients at every step of their design journey. To help visualise the transformation of your space, we offer artworks and Shop Drawings, allowing you to envision the completed project. This means you get to experience and fine-tune the aesthetic you desire, down to the last detail, before we bring it to life.

Design files for your building software

Evergreen Walls try to make everything as easy for you as possible, ask us for our CAD files, or look here and drop them straight into your building software to save you precious time. 

Residential and Commercial Installation

At Evergreen Walls, our highly experienced installers ensure a seamless and professional installation, guaranteeing longevity and outstanding results. We cater to both residential and commercial projects, adapting our designs to suit the specific requirements of each space.


Both residential and commercial spaces can greatly benefit from our designs. Our team customises each project to suit the specific aesthetics and requirements of the space.

Evergreen Walls offers a variety of artificial greenery including green walls, vertical gardens, and a broad selection of artificial plants.

While green walls are part of our offerings, we also provide design and installation services for a variety of artificial greenery solutions, in addition to a range of pots, planters and custom hardware solutions.

Our experts work collaboratively with clients, giving them a range of customisation options. We provide detailed shop drawings and artworks to help visualise the completed project before installation.

Evergreen Walls' specialised team has over 7 years of experience in delivering exceptional artificial greenery designs to our clients.

Our end-to-end service includes everything from design consultations to the supply of materials, and professional installation.

Yes, our CAD files are readily available for your ease and convenience to drop straight into your building software.

Yes, artificial greenery is an effective solution for reducing noise pollution, making it a suitable option for office spaces and apartments.

Biophilic design is an approach to architecture that seeks to connect building occupants more closely to nature through the use of natural elements like artificial greenery.

Artificial greenery requires very low maintenance, which is one of its significant advantages. It provides all-year-round natural aesthetics without the effort of upkeep.

At Evergreen Walls, we strive to blend innovative design and dependable service to deliver artificial greenery projects that dramatically enrich your spaces. Our mix of personalised greenery designs, precise installation services, and after-sales support aids the transformation for both residential and commercial landscapes. Step into a world of instant nature, without maintenance concerns, and enjoy the luxury of timeless greenery.

Revised Notes and Considerations

To ensure you are fully prepared to embark on your artificial greenery project with Evergreen Walls, consider the following:


Think about your space and what artificial greenery design would complement it. Our designers are skilled in creating unique designs tailored to suit your vision.

Noise Reduction

Assess the noise levels in your space. Artificial greenery can significantly reduce noise and create a more peaceful environment.

CAD Files

If you are integrating the project into building software, remember to request our CAD files for a smooth design process.