Fire Safety

We're Committed

We're committed to supplying architects, builders, and specifiers with a safe artificial green wall product they can confidently use.

Evergreen Walls is Australia’s first and only fire-rated artificial greenery company

Our signature Evergreen Premium system has achieved an official Group 2 Fire Rating after a full-scale fire test in accordance with International and Australian industry standards AS ISO 9705-2003 and AS 5637.1:2015.

What does this mean?

Our Evergreen Panel took the ISO 9705 test, which determines whether internal walls and ceiling products are fire-safe. We’re thrilled to tell you that the Evergreen Panel has now reached a Group 2 Fire Rating, which means it’s safe to use in many industries across Australia. 

Want to learn more?

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Why we tested

It came from the demand of our clients. We work with several different industries, some of them highly regulated, such as aged care, health care, and school education. These industries simply won’t let an unsafe product into their buildings, so we wanted to make the decision a lot easier for them by having a fire-proof green wall product that they could use.

It's one thing to supply great-looking products at a great price. It's another to guarantee that they're safe for all Australians to use.

If you’d like further information about what this means for you and your upcoming projects, browse our resources below and learn more about our commitment to fire-safe products below.

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