Hotels & Resorts

Artificial plants and green walls are often used in these environments due to their durability, low maintenance and high visual appearance. 

They encourage a sense of calm and relaxation, a perfect feel for holiday makers.

Resorts & Hotels

Daydream Island

Evergreen beautifies paradise after tropical cyclone hits resort

This stunning island resort was damaged during the 2017 cyclone. The Evergreen team were tasked with an international design-rescue operation. We flew in a team of professionals that overcame fit-out challenges thanks to impeccable project management and coordination with the client. Evergreen's flora-like fitout lived up to the natural beauty of the tropical island, take a look...

  • Evergreen products bring instant colour and natural-looking beauty

  • Our wide faux-floral range harmoniously matched surrounding nature

  • Low maintenance reduced any ongoing costs

Loloata Resort - Fiji

Cascading green-walls and faux features to wow resort guests

An international project where Evergreen's plant-like products created a cohesive theme of nature throughout the Fijian resort. Cascading green-walls, hanging vines and bushes with delicate attention to detail created a relaxing atmosphere for patrons to enjoy.

  • Bespoke designs create tailored fit-out

  • No need for lighting or irrigation systems

  • Drastically reduces costs for up-keep and ongoing plant maintenance

Meriton Pagewood Green

Meriton is a long standing client of Evergreen Walls and we are their trusted provider of any artificial greenery needs that arise. In this particular fitout we installed a green wall as a feature piece in Meriton's Pagewood Green lobby with mirrors and timber panels atop the foliage in an impressive sprawling pattern.

  • Completely customised modular system to fit the design brief

  • Group 2 Fire Rated

  • Perfect statement piece for apartment entrance

Ovolo Hotel

Feature-wall adds fun, fresh vibe to hotel

The result of our Evergreen Urban was an instant refresh of the hotel's restaurant space, creating an environment where diners and patrons would be increasingly inclined to return with friends and family.

  • Evergreen professionals create unique decor, designed to impress guests

  • Natural-looking greenery without the need to water

  • 4 year guarantee across Evergreen product range

Meriton Mascot

Meriton are renowned for their luxurious and modern buildings, striving hard to maintain their reputation for quality in all of their development projects. They use only the best materials in the construction process and that includes our premium artificial greenery and plants.

  • Waterproof

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Design matches with other existing green walls within the facility

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