Evergreen Luxury Hanging Greenery Feature | Loloata Island Resort, Papua New Guinea

Evergreen Luxury Hanging Greenery Feature | Loloata Island Resort, Papua New Guinea

Cascading green-walls and faux hanging features to WOW resort guests

Evergreen had the privilege of partnering with Lamana Development for the holiday resort redevelopment of Loloata Island Resort in Papua New Guinea. Our mission of turning a "how" into a "wow" was brought to life as we created a luxurious hanging greenery feature that captivated the resort's guests from the moment they arrived.

With a commitment to inspired and unforgettable experiences, Loloata Island Resort sought to create an extraordinary environment for their visitors

It's a project where Evergreen's plant-like products created a cohesive theme of nature throughout this luxury resort. 


Chain of Hearts Hanging Bush, Boston Fern Hanging Bush, Monstera Hanging Bush, Variegated Pothos Vine, Angel Vine, Cable Trellis Wires

    Turning a 'how' into a 'WOW!'

    Our Solution

    To wow guests upon entering the reception area, we designed cascading green walls and added faux features to create a sense of nature within the resort. Additionally, we installed a premium green wall panel on the building façade, overlooking the pool area.

    The UV-safe and fire-certified green wall panel ensured it maintained its vibrant appearance despite the sun's exposure. This meticulously designed panel was botanically authentic, upholding the luxurious and biophilic qualities desired
    by the client.

    Cascading faux green walls, hanging vines and bushes with delicate attention to detail created a relaxing atmosphere for patrons to enjoy.

    - Bespoke designs create tailored fit-out

    - No need for lighting or irrigation systems

    - Drastically reduces costs for up-keep and ongoing plant maintenance

    Project Impact

    The integration of Evergreen Walls' luxury hanging greenery feature at Loloata Island Resort has made a significant impact. Visitors to the resort are immediately welcomed by the cascading green walls and faux features, setting the tone for a tranquil and nature-inspired experience. The premium green wall panel overlooking the pool area adds a touch of elegance while maintaining its vibrant appearance under the sun.

    This bespoke design not only enhances the resort's aesthetics but also provides practical benefits. With no need for lighting or irrigation systems, the maintenance costs are drastically reduced. The lifelike appearance of our faux plants ensures a consistent and visually pleasing atmosphere throughout the resort, eliminating the need for ongoing plant maintenance.

    Evergreen Walls is proud to have contributed to the holiday resort redevelopment at Loloata Island Resort, integrating our mission of turning a "how" into a "wow" by delivering a luxurious and botanically authentic hanging greenery feature.

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