Office & Workspace

Our artificial vertical gardens and faux planters are perfect for office and commercial spaces due to their commercial grade fire rating, low maintenance and visual appeal. 

We work with office fit-out specialists, architects and designers to create customised solutions for any space and use.

Office & Commercial

Cachet Group

Commissioned by leaders in commercial-design to beautify a lifeless working space.

Our creative fit out team installed accents of green to bring a natural feel that enlivens the blank, clinical office space. Tactical installation ensured there was no disruption to workflow or productivity for the client.

  • Evergreen's customisable solutions fit any workspace or budget.

  • Flexible fit-out schedules ensures smooth workflow without disruption.

  • Commercial-grade fire rated products.

Meriton Apartments

The largest apartment project in the Eastern Suburbs needed a luxurious-looking feature wall to match.

Evergreen delivered a solution that brings the 'Wow' factor in both scale and natural-looking beauty. The stunning feature-wall welcomes Meriton guests and leaves a lasting impression. With no on-going costs or maintenance, this touch of greenery provides an effective and valuable investment.

  • Natural-looking finish to renovations

  • Greenery with zero maintenance

  • 4 year guarantee

Property Investor Alliance

Evergreen's hanging vines and baskets add alluring vibrancy to bare concrete.

Evergreen's solution created a more pleasant and welcoming experience for shoppers and created a loyal clientele that might otherwise have gone elsewhere.

  • Creates appealing environment that entices shoppers

  • Evergreen's versatile range provides solutions for any shopping centre

  • The low-maintenance greenery option


Bespoke greenery brightens corporate office

To brighten the atmosphere and bring some much needed vibrancy into the workplace, we created bespoke luscious hanging greenery throughout the office space.

  • Unique greenery complement current office design

  • Plants & greenery proven to improve productivity

  • Very low maintenance required

Why choose us?

Bespoke, custom solutions curated to your design

Full service consultation, design & installation

Ultra-realistic, UV & Fire-Rated greenery that’s designed to last

Extensive stock availability & fast dispatch Australia wide

Diverse range from hanging greenery, to pots, plants & green walls

Durable, low maintenance, warranty protected greenery

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