Artificial Greenery Installation at BAI Communications Cachet Group

Faux Ceiling Greenery Installation at BAI Communications For Cachet Group

Cachet Group are leaders in the commercial design industry and pride themselves on delivering purpose-built and personalised spaces where brands and businesses can flourish and employees can find infinite inspiration. They have worked with some of Australia's largest and most successful companies and the quality in service and finished product is absolutely unrivalled. 

We had the pleasure of working alongside Cachet Group to install our artificial greenery into the newly-designed office space of BAI Communications and the results were stunning! We used a combination of different hanging bushes and vines, which were offset beautifully against the modern, crisp white interiors of the space. BAI Communications are a futuristically advanced company tasked with installing state-of-the-art communications systems Australia-wide and while their office is representative of their advanced operations, it would not be complete without inspiring cues of nature.

The project required our greenery be hung from wire framing installed into the grid system that decorated the ceiling. This meant we needed to install on two separate dates, the first installation date was reserved for installing support rails and the second installation date was for the greenery. This was only slightly challenging and posed no major problems. Our talented installation team completed the job efficiently and without any issues.




Syngogium Hanging BushPothos Hanging BushIvy Hanging Bush

Turning a 'how' into a 'WOW!'

Our Solution

In partnership with Cachet Group, our team installed a combination of hanging bushes and vines, including the English Ivy Garland, Syngogium Hanging Bush, Pothos Hanging Bush, and Ivy Hanging Bush. These diverse plant varieties were strategically utilized to create an organic and unique 'growing out of the ceiling' appearance, perfectly complementing the modern, crisp white interiors of the office space. The installation required meticulous attention to detail, with our greenery hung from wire framing installed within the ceiling grid system. The project was completed in two separate installation dates, involving the installation of support rails followed by the greenery placement. Despite minor challenges, our talented installation team efficiently completed the job without any issues, achieving the desired aesthetic seamlessly.

Project Impact

The results of our greenery installation was a space where BAI Communications can continue their important and meaningful work with the added inspiration and motivation that an improved workspace brings. Cachet Group are experts in executing purpose-built interior fit-outs that are heavily personalised to showcase the best of a brand and their founding values. We think Cachet Group absolutely nailed this particular project and we're very proud to have been a part of it.

The installation of our greenery at BAI Communications' office space has transformed the environment, offering a visually captivating and inspiring workspace. BAI Communications can now continue their important work within a space that combines futuristic efficiency with the organic inspiration provided by our greenery. This project exemplifies the expertise of Cachet Group in delivering purpose-built, personalized interior fit-outs that fully embody the values and brand identity of their clientele. Evergreen Walls is incredibly proud to have contributed to this project, turning a "how" into a "wow" and seamlessly integrating nature's beauty within the modern workspace.

The collaboration between Evergreen Walls and Cachet Group to enhance the office space of BAI Communications perfectly exemplifies our commitment to turning a "how" into a "wow." The project showcased the strategic use of our greenery varieties to create an inspiring, modern, and vibrant workspace that seamlessly integrated with the futuristic interiors while softening their ambiance. The installation reflects our mission of providing purpose-built and personalized spaces that uphold the brand identity and values of our clients.

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