Charter Hall's Orange Central Square

Charter Hall's Orange Central Square

Charter Hall was looking for something to cover up some outdated and old graphics that were on display in their Orange Central Square shopping centre. They needed a material that would effectively cover up the obsolete imagery printed on the wall coverings but they also wanted something that wouldn't date and leave them in the same situation in a few years time. Charter Hall ultimately wanted something to transform the atmosphere in their mall from bleak to vibrant and inviting.


Challenges encountered by Charter Hall included the issue of finding a decorative solution that wouldn't date like their existing wall coverings. Graphics and photos have the potential to become unfashionable however greenery being representative of nature is a timeless design choice.

Another challenge was that of finding a suitable fire rated product as the job was commercial and laws require all decorative solutions to be of certain safety and hazard standards. Evergreen Walls has achieved a Group 2 Fire Rating on our Premium range and so our product was the perfect fit.

A high level of footfall traffic also presented the challenge of finding something that could withstand such interruption. Our thick and robust Evergreen Premium was yet again the ideal candidate and our most recommended product when it comes to highly frequented commercial fitouts due to its durability.

Evergreen Premium

Turning a 'how' into a 'WOW!'

Our Solution

Evergreen premium provided a high quality solution with great coverage that wouldn't be affected by the high levels of foot traffic frequenting the shopping centre. We were able to conceal their old-fashioned graphics with timeless and beautiful greenery and our talented 3-man installation team ensured all works were carried out overnight so that business wasn't interrupted in any way during opening hours.

Project Impact

The result was a stunning feature wall that shoppers see as soon as they enter the building. It has prime location against the centre's escalators and the area has been completely refreshed with our greenery breathing new life into the area. The return on investment would be beneficial to all vendors in the centre, with a more modern design theme creating an elevated atmosphere for shoppers to enjoy.

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