Telstra Workplace, Office Custom Faux Greenery Installation

Telstra Workplace, Office Custom Faux Greenery Installation

Axiom workplaces approached us at Evergreen Walls to help them beautify the corporate reception area of Telstra's Melbourne office. We designed a custom green wall installation using our Evergreen Country green panels and incorporated their logo to amplify their all important greeting space.

Our greenery installation was the perfect statement piece for their neutral and minimalist office, complimenting natural wooden interiors and brightening up an otherwise plain room.

Green panels can be the ultimate solution when artificial lighting and white walls need that pop of colour, which is so often the case in corporate offices. This installation was another success story and our client was extremely happy with the result.

We didn't encounter any major challenges however commercial installations often involve some intricate planning in order for the logistical details to run smoothly. We also try our best to accomodate out of hour installation times when requested and if we're installing within working hours, our team endeavours to keep noise and disruptions to a minimum. While this can present as challenging, we're highly experienced and always manage to pull off a successful installation.

Telstra's workplace was largely characterised by natural timbers and clever lighting solutions which looked beautiful together, however was lacking colour and excitement. Our Evergreen Country panels managed to brighten the atmosphere and bring some much needed vibrancy into the space, contrasting against the neutral interiors and subsequently highlighting the subtle beauty of the varying textures involved. This was all accomplished without adding any extra maintenance requirements for the office - a welcome bonus in any corporate environment!


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Our Solution

We custom designed a green wall installation featuring our Evergreen Country artificial green wall panels.

Our greenery installation served as the ideal statement piece for their neutral and minimalist office, enhancing the natural wooden interiors and brightening an otherwise unadorned room.

Project Impact

The result of our greenery installation in Telstra's office was a unique and enticing reception space that complimented the remainder of the office and its timber interiors. Investing in workplace greenery has been linked to increases in employee happiness and efficiency, so is an extremely worthy investment.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Axiom Workplaces on yet another successful installation and hope to work together again in the near future.

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