Evergreen walls artificial plants fit out of central coast leagues club

Belmadar x Evergreen, Central Coast Leagues Club, Custom Artificial Greenery Fitout

Belmadar partnered with the Central Coast Leagues Club (CCLC) to undertake a transformative renovation project, ensuring the Club's long-term sustainable future while maintaining its exceptional amenities. As experts in creating remarkable greenery solutions, Belmadar engaged Evergreen Walls to provide comprehensive consultation, design, and installation services for the club's artificial greenery requirements. This case study highlights the successful implementation of our mission: "turning a how into a wow."


    Boston Fern Hanging Bush, Pothos hanging vineMonstera plantsAreca PalmsFiddle Leaf TreeSyngonium Hanging Bush Ficus Fiddle Leaf Plantsocean grass hanging potstraveller palmsBirds of Paradise 

    "Belmadar's collaboration with Evergreen Walls has been nothing short of transformative, bringing the Central Coast Leagues Club's biophilic design concepts to vibrant reality. Their unparalleled expertise in crafting bespoke artificial greenery fitouts, combined with an unwavering commitment to precision and excellence, has culminated in a space that encapsulates the very essence of natural beauty and sophistication."

    - Jo Butler, Senior Estimator, Belmadar

    Turning a 'how' into a 'WOW!'

    Our Solution

    Evergreen Walls executed a full-scale artificial greenery fitout that showcased the beauty of lifelike greenery and enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the Club. The project included:

    Lifelike native flowers and grass bush greenery prominently displayed in acrylic vases within the reception area. These plants on a stand create a captivating and visually striking welcome for guests. 

    A Boston Fern Hanging Bush and Pothos hanging vine hanging plants ceiling feature, with Leather Ferns cascading down the terrace columns creates a serene and inviting environment for diners.

    The sign-in desks are adorned with faux Monstera plants stylishly arranged within metal cylindrical tubes. This artistic presentation not only adds a touch of sophistication to the check-in area but also showcases the versatility of artificial greenery.

    The amenities corridor is lined with potted Areca Palms, reflecting the palm trees outside Central Coast Stadium. The pots, chosen in wooden finish to match the design concept, evoke a tropical aesthetic.

    Foyer planter boxes of varying sizes incorporating different planting species such as Fiddle Leaf Tree and Fishbone Fern Bush strategically positioned throughout the area. Trailing edge Syngonium Hanging Bush sprawled over the edges, creating a dynamic and visually pleasing arrangement.

    Installing Boston Fern and Calathea Bush ground cover along the alfresco gaming area facade brings depth and greenery, transforming the space into a visually appealing, zero maintenance environment.

    Various species and heights of potted greenery showcased on a wall shelf behind banquette seating, accompanied by an eye-catching display of ferns on the opposite side.

    To provide privacy and elevate the café's ambiance, high-level plant stands filled with Ficus Fiddle Leaf Plants of varying heights were strategically placed, reaching the high tables. The plants, ranging from fully greenery plants to hanging Pothos vines in pot, create a visually stimulating and immersive experience for café patrons.The planter was filled with foam and resin-glued white pebbles and bark chip filler prior to finishing, so they look realistic but cannot be dismantled

    The terrace area is adorned with ocean grass hanging pots, elegantly arranged along the back bar shelves. The neutral colours pots had gold detailing which perfectly complemented the club's interior design brief.

    Behind the banquette area faux bamboo plant stems have been pruned to create low ground cover, bringing a sense of tranquillity to the dining area.

    Full-sized traveller palms displayed in oversized planters, are positioned along the corridor, contributing to the tropical feel of the space and partitioning of the rooms. 

    Lush hanging succulents and tropical plants - Travellers Palm and  Birds of Paradise thoughtfully placed in small planters for wall shelf. These vibrant and lifelike faux plants infuse the space with an abundance of colour and freshness, creating an inviting and tropical atmosphere that delights diners.

    Overhead planters with cascading, lifelike Monstera Hanging Bush have been installed above the bar table areas, creating a captivating wall feature. The arrangement not only adds visual interest but also provides a sense of intimacy and cosiness, making it a perfect focal point for patrons seated nearby.

    Project Impact

    Belmadar's collaboration with Evergreen Walls has not only brought the Central Coast Leagues Club vision to life but has also redefined the very essence of the club's ambiance. Through our custom greenery solutions, we seamlessly integrated biophilic benefits into a large-scale, complex project, resulting in a remarkable transformation of the space. Our extensive range of product collections was skillfully installed across multiple applications throughout the venue, effectively incorporating the restorative elements of nature. The end result is a truly captivating and enchanting environment that leaves visitors in awe. 

    This project exemplifies our commitment to "turning a how into a wow" and solidifies our reputation as industry leaders in providing innovative and visually stunning greenery solutions.

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