Greenery Supply For Gruff Design Studio

Greenery Supply For Gruff Design Studio

Project Details

Executive Summary

We worked with Gruff Design Studio, a social marketing and design agency who pride themselves on their team of creatives. They clearly have the creative power and talent that has successfully cemented themselves as the Surf Coast's marketing experts, evident in this impressive greenery installation. 

We supplied our Evergreen Country panels for self installation and the team at Gruff cut them to size, framed them with natural timbers and used these to decorate shipping containers. The studio is very industrial, featuring lots of matte black and polished concrete, so our greenery was the perfect addition to brighten the space up.

Our panels are extremely versatile, with the option to cut them to different shapes and sizes to fit whatever the project might entail. They won't fall apart or lose shape when being cut and they look incredibly effective when framed with timber, as our client has done in this project.



We didn't undertake the installation in this project however we did assist with product and quantity recommendations as well as the logistics of our panels. We are a full service greenery provider and ensure we're available for assistance at every stage of the project, even with self installation advice.


How Our Products Helped

Our Evergreen Country panels helped to add brightness and vibrancy to a space that was previously lacking in colour. The timbers and shipping containers used in the studio are beautiful in themselves, but the contrast of our greenery added another depth of beauty and tied all of these elements together, helping them to compliment one another. The hassle-free nature of our artificial greenery also means that no additional maintenance requirements are encountered.


Results, Return On Investment And Future Plans

The result of our Evergreen Country panels was a brightened atmosphere for this sleekly designed studio space. The interiors were in need of a pop of colour and our greenery was able to uphold the existing contemporary and modern style while adding that all important touch of colour. Our client achieved a stunning result with our products, without any additional maintenance requirements.


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