Harbour Garden Towers Internal artificial green wall installation

Harbour Garden Towers - Commercial Internal Green Wall Installation

Harbour Garden Towers is a luxury residential apartment complex located in Sydney City CBD. The lobby of the building previously featured a water feature that caused leaking issues and had to be deactivated. To revitalise the space, Sky Management Building Services, the property manager, sought an alternative solution and opted for the installation of an artificial vertical green wall.

We worked closely with Sky Management to provide a durable, low maintenance and visually appealing alternative that would enhance the lobby's aesthetics.


Evergreen Premium, Monstera bush, Baby Kentia Palm, Boston Fern, Mixed Green Grass, Ivy hanging bush

Turning a 'how' into a 'WOW!'

Our Solution

Evergreen Walls took on the task of transforming the lobby by sourcing ultra-realistic green wall panels and carefully selecting planter box plants. The foliage selection included Evergreen Premium, fire-rated greenery, Monstera bush, Kentia Palm, Boston Fern, Mixed Green Grasses, and Ivy hanging bush.

Our project team devised an effective approach to mount the greenery onto the lobby wall and integrate it into the existing planter boxes. The installation process involved careful planning and execution to ensure a seamless and visually pleasing result.

Project Impact

Evergreen Walls takes pride in having worked with Sky Management to transform the lobby of Harbour Garden Towers. The installation of the artificial green wall has not only resolved the previous water feature issues but has also revitalised the space, making it more visually appealing and welcoming.

We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with Sky Management and contribute to creating sustainable and visually stunning spaces.

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