Evergreen Premium At My Health Medical Practice

Evergreen Premium At My Health Medical Practice

Project Details

Executive Summary

We provided our Evergreen Premium panels to Myhealth Medical Centre at Potts Point. Our client completed the installation themselves and did a fantastic job at it! 

Myhealth are leading health practitioners, with a boutique and preventative approach to health and medicine. They understand the importance of a natural and healthy lifestyle as the best approach to preventing health problems, and they wanted to reflect this in their medical centre. As the company is also a shopping centre based medical centre, they rely heavily on foot traffic, meaning their medical centres must be visually appealing to potential clients. For these reasons, our artificial greenery was the perfect addition to the centre, reflecting their core values and helping to create an inviting environment for all patients.



We did not undertake the installation for this particular project, however we did provide customer service, product recommendations and installation advice. There were no major challenges encountered, just the usual process of asking questions to decipher what product and what quantity was required for a successful client-performed installation. Our sales team is well-versed and extremely knowledgeable on all of our greenery solutions and are well-equipped to assist in any greenery project.


How Our Products Helped

The installation of our Evergreen Premium helped Myhealth to brighten their medical centre, adding much needed vibrancy and character to the practice. A busy medical centre doesn't have time for real, high maintenance greenery and so our artificial greenery was the ideal solution. Greenery has a calming effect, which can be highly valuable in a medical environment where patients can feel somewhat stressed. Myhealth can now welcome clients into their waiting room where the softened atmosphere can quell any uneasiness they might associate with medical centres.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of our Evergreen Premium panels in Myhealth Potts Point is a more vibrant and welcoming environment that invites patients rather than deters them. A calming atmosphere is absolutely priceless in a medical centre and can be the deciding factor on whether a patient chooses to return or find a different practice. Myhealth recognised the importance of this, and their practice now reflects their modern approach to medicine.


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