Evergreen Premium With Neon Signage

Evergreen Premium With Neon Signage

Project Details

Executive Summary

We provided our Evergreen Premium panels to 4One4 Real Estate in Glenorchy, Tasmania. They installed them into their podcast studio and embedded neon signage atop the foliage. 4One4 Real Estate are Tasmania's most trusted Real Estate agency, having secured 23 Real Estate Institute of Tasmania awards and two National awards. Their commitment to their customers shows, especially through the introduction of their internal production company, 4One4 Media House. They are a full-service real estate company, producing their own marketing material and ensuring their clients selling or leasing experience is smooth and enjoyable. 4One4 are well aware of the impression a client-facing workspace can have on their image and that's why they engaged Evergreen Walls to provide the highest standard of artificial greenery available in Australia. We recommended our Evergreen Premium panels as they're safe for commercial jobs, adhering to building compliance regulations with a Group 2 Fire Rating. We were so impressed with the finished result and love how 4One4 have installed screens on top of the panels to display the team's progress as a motivational tool.



We didn't install the panels in this particular project but we did supply them. We also provided advice on how to install these, ensuring the process ran as smoothly as possible.


How Our Products Helped

Evergreen Premium was able to completely transform the 4One4 office where motivation levels need to be high and employee happiness is of the utmost importance. The panels created feature walls in the office space, providing beautiful back drops for the screens that were installed upon the panels and the perfect accompaniment to their neon signage in the podcast studio. Evergreen Walls is always happy to assist in DIY installations remotely and this makes the process so much easier than purchasing through suppliers who are unwilling to assist.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Installing our Evergreen Premium panels into the 4One4 workplace means they can be proud of their space, showing it off to clients and potential talent. Employees aren't afraid to demand more of their workplaces and securing the most valuable employees for your business can sometimes come down to the workplace a company is willing to offer. Make sure your space can stand up against competitors and offer your employees all that they need to grow and succeed.



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