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Sylvania Waters Residential Greenery Installation

Project Details

Executive Summary

We installed our greenery into this beautiful Sylvania Waters home in three different locations, including the pool area, under the staircase and as a feature wall in the dining room. 

The home is styled in white and beige with subtle hints of gold and our greenery was the perfect addition, adding some vibrancy to the existing colour scheme. 

We used our Country Crimson and Country Garden panels and they worked well to compliment the white and natural timbers and luxurious details that the owner has so carefully decorated the interiors with. Our Country Crimson and Country Garden panels are thick and lifelike, giving the illusion of an authentic jungle growing out of the wall. They contrasted against the well-manicured home and created an interesting feature wall.


This project required that our green panels be installed in three different areas of different shapes and sizes. We're highly experienced in cutting panels to size so this did not prove to be problematic, however only slightly challenging. This residential project ran smoothly, with our talented installation team completing the project efficiently and to the highest of quality.

How Our Products Helped

Prior to our arrival, this home was beautifully decorated in neutral colours with some intricate gold detailing, however it needed a pop of colour to tie the look together. Our green panels were able to do just that, providing the charming look of an indoor jungle without adding any extra maintenance requirements to the home. Country Crimson and Country Garden panels are both thick, incredibly lifelike and include cascading plant species and voluminous bushes. These particular panels were able to breathe new life into the home and add colour without the need for pricey and time sensitive artworks.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of our greenery installation was a refreshed and revitalised home that our clients would be exceedingly proud of, especially when entertaining. Our green walls are such a unique feature in any home and often gain unrivalled attention. We thoroughly enjoyed working with our clients to bring their vision to life and hope to work with them again in the near future.


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