G.H. Mumms Hotel Greenery In The Birdcage At Flemington

G.H. Mumms Hotel Greenery In The Birdcage At Flemington

G.H. Mumm was looking for premium greenery to compliment their premium brand installation in The Birdcage at Flemington Racecourse. The activation was the first of its kind and was the product of marketing masterminds PIM Group. The idea was a luxurious boutique Parisian Hotel that would excite and delight the A list clientele with indulgent experiences of opulent food and wine. Some features included a bar serving flutes of premium G.H. Mumm Champagne, a marble-decorated elevator, concierge, coat and bag check and a ribbon cutting ceremony. Punters could even enjoy freshly shucked oysters and a menu cooked up by the talented head Chef of entertaining empire, Merivale. No stone was left unturned in Mumm's quest to bring to the Birdcage the most luxurious experience yet. Even fashion designer Dion Lee was recruited to craft beautiful dresses in G.H Mumm's statement red which were displayed in the marquee's windows and available to buy from the designers boutique. 

With all of the effort to deliver an experience of excellence, it's no wonder PIM Group enlisted the help of Evergreen Walls to provide lushious artificial greenery to fulfill their decorative needs. Because of the temporary nature of the activation, faux greenery was the only option and allowed for quick, easy and flawless installation. PIM Group and G.H. Mumm needed something that would provide a variety in texture and length but conformity in plant style so we recommended the use of our Pothos Hanging Bushes. Our luxurious greenery was perfectly in line with the theme of the marquee and helped to set the tone of the grand gesture.

Mumm Champagne Birdcage Artificial Greenery


The activation was temporary and so required artificial plants in order to reduce wastage and ensure efficient set up without the worry of irrigation systems and lighting requirements. The design brief called for greenery that provided an organic effect, mimicking natural vines growing along and off balcony bannisters - something that could only be possible in the desired time frame with fake greenery. We assisted PIM Group with analysis and recommendations based on their design brief and ensured our products arrived on site in a timely manner.


Pothos Hanging Bushes Premium Hedge Fern Hanging Bush

Turning a 'how' into a 'WOW!'

Our Solution

Our products allowed such an installment to include greenery without the maintenance requirements and possible wastage of living plants due to the temporary nature. We were able to provide greenery that looked as luscious and authentic as the real deal, upholding the premium reputation that G.H. Mumm is famous for. Our Pothos Hanging Bushes are completely customisable in length and so provided the perfect illusion of natural vines that might add character to a charming boutique Parisian hotel.   

Project Impact

The result was a successful Melbourne Cup installation that was perfectly on brand with G.H. Mumm and their fine French Champagne. The Maison Mumm Hotel was characterised by experiences of luxury that are synonymous with a glass of French bubbles and our greenery provided the perfect finishing touch.

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