JCDecaux’s x Tourism NT: Bus Shelter Native Greenery Installation

JCDecaux’s x Tourism NT: Bus Shelter Native Greenery Installation

In October 2023, Tourism NT launched a nationwide brand awareness campaign with the objective of positioning the Northern Territory as a destination that is 'Different in every sense'. The aim of the campaign was to increase the Northern Territory's share of voice in the domestic market and inspire Australians to choose the Northern Territory for their next holiday.

For this 'Summer done differently' campaign, Tourism NT collaborated with Atomic 212º, kwpx Agency, JCDeceaux and Evergreen Walls to bring a touch of the Northern Territory to bus and tram shelters in Sydney and Melbourne.

The immersive activations at these shelters included motion-detector activated heat and sound, artificial native foliage, neon strip lighting, and customized towel-like seating. This strategic move by Tourism NT aligns with research that shows campaigns engaging multiple senses can increase brand impact by 30%, while those engaging over three senses can increase impact by 70%.

Turning a 'how' into a 'WOW!'

Our Solution

Working closely with JCDecaux, Evergreen Walls was entrusted with sourcing ultra-realistic native flora custom plants including the wattle, sweet gum blossom, hanging eucalyptus. Plus we incorporated lush, tropical lifelike greenery including Monstera leaf, Calathea Bush, Palm Leaf, Hanging Ferns, Boston Ferns and Leather Ferns.

Our project team devised an effective approach for the mounting the native greenery onto the bus shelters.

To fulfil the requirements, Evergreen Walls prepared the panels in-house, ensuring they were ready for installation and mounting by the JCDecaux team.

Project Impact

The collaboration successfully brought the essence of the Northern Territory to bus shelters in Sydney and Melbourne as part of the "Summer done differently" campaign.

By incorporating ultra-realistic native flora and foliage provided by Evergreen Walls, the bus shelters became vibrant showcases of the unique beauty and allure of the Northern Territory. These immersive activations engaged multiple senses, effectively capturing the attention of passersby and enhancing brand impact.

Through this campaign, Tourism NT successfully inspired Australians to consider the Northern Territory as a distinctive and enticing holiday destination, achieving their objective of increasing brand awareness and showcasing the Northern Territory as 'Different in every sense.'

Evergreen Walls is proud to have contributed to the success of the "Summer done differently" campaign, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Tourism NT in future endeavours.

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