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Residential Poolside Greenery Featuring Classic Boxwood

Project Details

Executive Summary

Our client was looking for an effective, low-maintenance and affordable solution to elevate their pool area and create an entertainer's dream. The area featured beautiful stained wooden floorboards and a lush green hedge, however was imposed upon by a beige retaining wall that simply failed to bring any aesthetic qualities to the space. We recommended our Classic Boxwood and upon installation, completely transformed the pool area into a resort-like oasis, perfect for entertaining and enjoying warm sunny days!


The day installation was scheduled for was an extremely miserable one with high winds and heavy rain. Because of this, our installation date had to be rescheduled however we easily landed on another date that suited our customer perfectly. 

How Our Products Helped

Rather than having to undergo drastic renovations to revamp this outdoor area, our Classic Boxwood panels were able to completely transform the space, heightening the atmosphere and mirroring the good times destined to be had in this idyllic entertaining space. All of this, without any future maintenance requirements and at an affordable investment!

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of our Classic Boxwood installation was an outdoor pool and entertaining area that our clients can be extremely proud of. The space was taken from mediocre to amazing in a matter of hours at an extremely affordable investment with a zero increase in maintenance requirements. We were very proud of the result and our clients were over the moon.



Residential Home owner


Classic Boxwood




Sydney, New South Wales

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