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Classic Boxwood In Whale Beach Residential Project

Project Details

Executive Summary

We had the absolute pleasure of installing our Classic Boxwood panels into this stunning Whale Beach home on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Our client was looking for something to cover the neighbour's brushwood fence that diminished their pristine beach views and was visible from their pool area. The area was perfectly landscaped and so the prospect of planting additional bushes and trees that would drop branches into the nearby pool area was not a viable option to conceal the unsightly fence.

Our Classic Boxwood panels were the ideal solution and our client was so delighted to know that they required zero maintenance and are suitable for outdoor installation. We installed our artificial green panels upon four different walls in the same area, using a total of 31 panels. 

Our vibrant greenery looked incredible, contrasting against the lush tropical surroundings, deep blue ocean views and the sparkling leisure pool overlooking the beach below. We thoroughly enjoyed this residential project and our client was over the moon with the result.


This project required the installation of our panels upon a wire fence situated on a headland. No major issues arose however our installation team utilised a ladder and lots of skill to ensure the project was carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

How Our Products Helped

Our Classic Boxwood was able to conceal the displeasing brushwood wall next door, helping to keep the pristine view unobstructed and untarnished. It was a solution that didn't add extra maintenance tasks and kept costs to a minimum, with our affordable products and installation being the only financial investments required. Our Classic Boxwood is a timeless green panel, perfect for simply concealing walls and fences where gardens are already full and tropical plants are the focal point. Classic Boxwood could be described as the perfect blank green canvas, ideal for complimenting and not for competing with existing features.

Results, Return On Investment And Future Plans

This home is absolutely stunning and the views it enjoys are second to none. That's why it was so important to our clients that we helped to restore their perfect outlook, visible from both the beautiful pool, the entertaining area and the home. The results were stunning, creating the illusion of an immaculately manicured hedge and simultaneously concealing the neighbours unsightly wall while adding absolutely no extra maintenance commitments. Our client was delighted with the results and we're so glad we could bring their vision to life.


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