Commercial Artificial Green Walls
Commercial grade artificial green wall solutions for hospitality, real estate, office, resorts hotels, finance and strata.
Best Poolside Greenery Designs for FY2021
Best Poolside greenery and vertical garden green wall designs installed in Australia by our team of qualified artificial green wall installers. Beautiful poolside garden design trends and outdoor swimming pool ideas
Artificial vertical garden green walls in Melbourne, Australia
Evergreen Walls supply and install greenery solutions and artificial vertical green walls all around Australia including Melbourne.
Mesh Grid - A platform for endless greenery solutions
Grid frame for free standing custom portable vertical garden faux green wall. Perfect for event media walls, photo backdrops, or office room dividers.
The Benefits of Artificial Greenery for Commercial Projects
Learn about the benefits of using artificial greenery in commercial spaces in this article. Discover how artificial greenery can save time and money while providing long-term cost benefits.
Efficiency in Greenery Specification for Projects: Tips and Strategies
This article provides tips on maximizing design and installation efficiency when specifying artificial greenery in a project.
How much does a green wall cost?
Looking to add a green wall to your space but wondering about the cost? Our article breaks down the factors that impact the cost of a green wall and provides estimates for artificial green walls.
The Science Behind High-Quality Artificial Greenery
This article explores the manufacturing process of artificial greenery, detailing the materials and techniques used to create high-quality, lifelike artificial plants.
Inspiring Outdoor Design Ideas for Patios, Decks, and Backyards
Elevate your outdoor living with inspiring design ideas for patios, decks, courtyards, balcony and backyards. Get tips for functional and beautiful designs.
How many plants per linear meter should I use? Value Engineering Greenery
Value Engineering. What it means, how it effects your design, and how to appropriately select and install the correct artificial greenery for your project.
Fire Safety In Construction And Design
Fire safe buildings are imperative to inhabitant safety and are well regulated in the industry. This means materials need to hold correct certifications.
New Product Alert! Premium Garden UV
Our newest green wall product has just landed! The Premium Garden UV features dazzling ferns, hanging vines and white tipped willow oak leaves. Group 2 fire rated.