The DIY Vertical Garden That Doesn’t Require A Green Thumb

The DIY Vertical Garden That Doesn’t Require A Green Thumb

Mar 25, 2024Ashleigh Lieberman

Vertical wall gardens are beautiful, statement pieces of art that are guaranteed to breathe new life into any space, office or home. There are however, different options to consider, and while the vertical gardens made of real plants are charming, they’re quite difficult to maintain and even initially grow.

Already thinking that maybe it’s too much investment of time and money to maintain a real wall garden? Don’t feel disheartened just yet! The artificial alternative is just as effective, potentially even more aesthetically pleasing and a feasible option for everyone. Read on to discover the four key reasons an artificial vertical garden wall might just be the perfect fit for you.


No Plant Knowledge Required

We don’t all share the same talents and passions, and as much as you might aspire to be one of those ‘plant parents’, we can’t all be blessed with green thumbs.

The installation and successful maintenance of a real vertical garden requires a thorough knowledge on what plants will and won’t survive in an indoor environment, and again on a hydroponics system. The requirement of a hydroponic system makes it yet again, more difficult as the use of one means that all plants in the vertical garden will be getting the same amount of water. This becomes problematic when one species requires very little and another requires quite a bit of water.

The survival of plants doesn’t depend on luck, but the actual knowledge of the person responsible for selecting and nurturing the plants. If you’re unsure of what plants thrive indoors and with minimal maintenance, then perhaps an artificial vertical garden is the solution for you. Unless you’re willing to do your plant research, of course. The beauty of an artificial vertical garden is you can select your green panel purely based on aesthetics, rather than doubling back and checking the species of each and every plant involved. It’s that simple!

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Artificial Can Be Cheaper

If there’s a budget you’re attempting to adhere to, a real vertical garden could be stretching it. Real vertical gardens require plants, vertical suspension systems, hydroponic systems and lighting systems. For this reason, a real vertical garden can completely blow out your budget before you’ve even installed it. Then additional costs are added via the resources needed to keep the plants alive and replace any plants if need be.

If it’s an affordable solution you’re after, then an artificial vertical garden could be the ideal choice. They require nothing more than installation and panels can range from $140 per square metre panel to $429 for the more premium styles with fire ratings. They’re extremely easy to install yourself, and last for years without the need to replace panels or install expensive systems to keep your garden alive. The best part is additional stems and plants are available to purchase and as simple as slotting into the wall for a more exaggerated or versatile look. Artificial plants have since come a long way from times where they looked overly plastic and sometimes even tacky. They’re now favoured by interior stylist and architects everywhere for their ease of installation and versatility in the locations where they can be installed (basically everywhere!).


Zero Added Maintenance Requirements

Regardless of if you’re installing your vertical garden at home or the office, there will be maintenance requirements, and somebody will have to take responsibility. However, extra tasks aren’t always welcomed in the office where fast paced workplaces mean time is of the essence, and rarely in abundance. All the same, whoever is slapped with the additional maintenance requirements a real vertical garden will bring into the home might not have the extra time to spend when household tasks already seem to constantly multiply, and simply getting on top of the laundry can be daunting.

Sure, a real vertical wall garden can be a charming masterpiece that draws all of the visitor’s attention, but consider whether the investment of time is worth the wow-factor, even when the same effect can be achieved with zero cost of time and energy.

Artificial vertical gardens only initially demand the time, effort and manpower but once installed, that’s where the effort stops. If the concept of setting and forgetting (apart from the unforgettable beauty that’s now in your home/office) appeals to you, then artificial could be the way to go!


Save On Water & Electricity

As we all become increasingly aware of the impact not only we as individuals have on the earth, but also the impact that companies and businesses have, sustainability has certainly been embraced.

Our workplaces have quotas on green-house gas emissions and other standards in place to minimise our eco footprint. If your workplace is of the conscious kind, you might need to be wary of any extra electricity or water outputs that new installations demand, and this could make the installation of a real vertical garden difficult to justify. Additionally, the resources required will amp up your electricity and water bills, unlike an artificial vertical garden.


If you’re the type of plant expert who doesn’t mind the challenge of a vertical garden, then all power to you! However, if you’re gifted with the ability to kill even the most hardy of plants, an artificial vertical garden is the one for you. Choose from a vast range of high quality vertical gardens at Evergreen Walls, follow their easy installation guide and have your own vertical garden installed in a mere matter of hours.

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