Garden Walls: How to Use a Mix of Artificial and Real Plants

Garden Walls: How to Use a Mix of Artificial and Real Plants

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods

Green walls are one of the hottest design trends in Australia right now. Whether they’re brightening up office reception areas, adding interest to restaurants or filling apartments with life, green walls are proving to be versatile design solutions for many different environments.

One of the issues that people have had with live green walls is that the foliage doesn’t stay looking fresh all the time. As plants move through their normal life cycles, they lose leaves and have to regrow or even be replanted at times. During these down times, green walls don’t always look fresh and impressive. That’s why a mixture of artificial and real plants can be the best of both worlds.

In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of combining artificial and real plants into one fabulous green wall.

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Benefits of Real Plants

Studies have shown that plants have numerous benefits for human health. When you install a green wall in your home, office or business, you make it possible for your family, employees and customers to take advantage of these great health benefits.

Not only do real plants reduce carbon dioxide levels, but they also increase humidity, which can be especially helpful during colder months. Plants reduce levels of some pollutants, including benzene and nitrogen dioxide.

Recent research also shows that indoor plants help to provide a peaceful, tranquil environment that reduces stress and anxiety in humans. Greenery makes people feel more at ease, and people who work in plant-filled offices take fewer sick days and are more productive.

It’s clear that there are many benefits of having real plants around, but there are also some disadvantages. They can be time-consuming to care for, and they don’t always look their best. Also, when it comes to green walls, real plants require structural supports, extra plumbing and diligent maintenance. Check out this infographic on the benefits of real vs artificial plants.


Benefits of Artificial Plants

Artificial plants don’t help to reduce carbon dioxide levels or increase humidity, but they do help to create a tranquil, calming atmosphere.

Artificial plants never fade or wither, and they don’t require regular watering, fertilising or other maintenance. They’re lightweight, so they don’t require special support structures. And you never have to worry about them dripping on your floor or attracting insects or other pests. They also come in an amazing variety of realistic foliage, so you can always find the accent pieces you’re looking for.


Clearly, both real and artificial plants have their benefits. Wouldn’t it be great to combine the benefits of both options?

You can! By combining artificial and real plants into one beautiful green wall, you can take advantage of the benefits of both.

With fewer real plants in your structure, you can reduce the amount of plumbing and structural supports you need. With fewer real plants to maintain, you‚Äôll save time and be able to devote more attention to the few real plants in the collection. 

Your artificial plants will always look great, regardless of the state of your real plants. Instead of trying to keep all of your real plants in optimal condition at all times, relax. With a mixture of both kinds, you’ll always have artificial plants looking full and beautiful, even if your real plants aren’t at their peak.

Seasonal Decor

When you combine real and artificial plants in one beautiful green wall, you can switch out some of the artificial plants with the seasons. For instance, you could add a few tropical plants in the summer and a few evergreens in the winter. With the flexibility you gain by having both real and artificial plants in your green wall, you can always keep your wall fresh and seasonal.

For more information about combining artificial and real plants in your green wall, get in touch with us at Evergreen Walls.

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