The 10 Best Instagram Accounts To Learn How To Design With Plants

The 10 Best Instagram Accounts To Learn How To Design With Plants

Mar 25, 2024Ashleigh Lieberman

Greenery is possibly the single most effective and affordable way to revamp your home or workplace, however styling it like the pros isn’t always easy. But observing is the best way to learn and what better way to observe than to scroll the Instagram accounts of those renowned for their plant-styling skills. We’re well acquainted with the greenest and most beautiful Instagram accounts so we thought we would share them with the world. Read on to discover the 10 best Instagram accounts for learning how to design with plants.

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Ali from @homeandthings knows exactly how to use plants to bring the wow factor into her home. She styles her home with mostly white and neutral interiors so the pop of colour that plants bring into her space is very effective. She also themes her rooms differently, according to their purpose. For example, she uses a single, tall feature plant in her loungeroom but her reading room is a completely different vibe, with plants in every corner, creating an atmosphere of ultimate relaxation.



Elisha from @ourserenehome is a self-proclaimed plant and interior aficionado. Her home has a certain rustic theme to it, with beautiful treasures such as uniquely embroidered cushions and blanket throws. Her style also includes a lot of neutral colourings, paired with intricate patterns and subtle pops of pastel colours. Elisha utilises a wide range of plants in her home with climbing plants, towering birds of paradise and cute little cacti.



Interior decorator, Zoe Gilpin showcases her talents on her Instagram account @thediydecorator. Her feed is geared towards helping others achieve the results that would usually require the expertise of a professional. Zoe even goes to the efforts to alert followers when Kmart and Big W are set to bring out worthy new homeware ranges. If you’re unsure of where to position your plants and how to house them, check out Zoe’s account for some inspiration.



Another interior stylist by trade, Kim from @ourhomeofbliss is truly taking biophilia to new heights in her home. Natural timbers feature heavily alongside rattan and bamboo furnishings and beautifully white-panelled walls. The neutral colours allow greenery to really stand out, and Kim knows just where to place her statement pieces of greenery for maximum effect. To complete the interior styling package that is her Instagram account, she even shows her followers how to get the most out of clever organisation hacks.



Lauren from @the_coastalbarndream built and designed her dream home and it’s so stunning that it doubles as a photo shoot location on the sunny Gold Coast. Whilst the luxurious layout of the home might be a distant dream for some of us, we can all take a leaf out of her book when it comes to interior styling. Her style blends minimalism with maximum comfort, and again lots of neutral colourings complimented with tropical greenery. Lauren has truly captured all of our home dreams.



These ladies are possibly the queens of renovations and DIY makeovers, combining all three of their powerful design-led minds to bring the community an online renovation school, complete with all of the learning resources necessary to overhaul your home. But you don’t need to be in the market for a renovation to follow these ladies. They share hacks on small ways to create big changes with minimal resources, interior styling tips and their favourite products.



According to any renovations show to ever have aired, Australia loves a clever renovating couple and Kyal and Kara fit the bill  perfectly. They‚Äôve been combining their skills in their own renovation projects for 12 years and it definitely shows. Their current home is symbolic of Mediterranean architecture with beautiful arched doorways and a stunning spiral staircase. And the way they include plants in every corner to offset the marbles and timber characterising their home allows a classic and timeless way of incorporating colour. This home is a true surprise, one that looks more like a 5-star resort rather than a humble family home, guaranteed to provide you the inspiration you‚Äôve been searching for.



Tash from @ourcozyabode_ knows the power of positivity that plants can bring into a home, and she uses them to their full advantage. Her plants sit pride of place among moody tans, ochre and bold zings of colour. She is no stranger to a Swiss Cheese plant, styling them in beautiful woven baskets and atop tables so their wild leaves drape over the sides, adding to her beautiful jungle-like theme. If you’re intimidated by the upkeep of so many plants, artificial plants could look just as effective. Tash’s home is an extremely happy-looking space and an instant mood-lifter.



This Instagram account is what coastal abode dreams are made of. Filled with plush cream furnishings and rustic throws, this home is the ultimate in comfort and character. Although there is a remarkable amount of cream and white characterising the space, the use of plants to bring diversity in colour and texture creates a beautiful ambience. This account is useful in showing how to style plants in a rustic and homely setting, using every style of plant from Mother In Law’s Tongue, to the Peace Lily.



Having featured on Marie Kondo, Daily Mail and Insider, Jess knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to interior styling and particularly, designing with plants. Her home is immaculately organised - the key to a well-presented house that is easier to keep clean.

Yet again, Jess is another clever decorator who identifies the ideal places for particular plants. She uses tall, statement cacti and palms in areas frequently used like the entrance hallway and her living room. She utilises small nooks and floating shelves with climbing and cascading plants that provide maximum impact at the expense of a tiny space. And finally, she’s sourced the most beautiful pots and baskets to compliment her plants, housing them in the perfect way.

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