The Biggest Trends In Artificial Plants We’ve Seen This Year

The Biggest Trends In Artificial Plants We’ve Seen This Year

Mar 25, 2024Ashleigh Lieberman

2020 has been a year. It’s the year that majority of us have spent more time than ever in our homes and maybe that’s why we’ve all become increasingly obsessed with beautifying them. One thing is certain, artificial plants have boomed in popularity and some particular trends have emerged this year. Read on to discover the biggest trends in artificial plants of 2020.

Mixing Dried Flowers With Artificial Foliage

Fresh flowers are by all means beautiful, but they just aren’t economically friendly and for this reason they seem to be on the decrease in popularity. Replacing the standard weekly bouquet is a new phenomenon; dried flowers mixed in with artificial flowers and foliage. This new trend ties in perfectly with the design industries current saturation of minimalistic and rustic movements. Dried flowers are often of pale or pastel hues, and beautiful textures. Pair this with some vibrant (and immortal) foliage and you’ve got yourself a stunning floral arrangement that will stand the test of time.

Succulents Making Their Mark

They‚Äôve been revered for their ability to withstand hardy environments, but the artificial kind is even more resilient and absolutely hassle free. Succulents are making their mark in the design industry and the every-day home for their incredible capacity to brighten any nook or cranny that needs a little attention. They can be combined in planter boxes as a feature piece or used individually in unique pots to bring vibrancy to otherwise uneventful spaces. They‚Äôre also the perfect pop of colour for neutral spaces that are in need of something understated and classic, like bathroom vanities and laundry benches. 

Evergreen Coastal Glass Splashback

Kitchen Splashbacks

Gone are the days where the only options for a kitchen splashback was between tiles and coloured glass. Now a window splashback with an outlook to a fence or wall can actually work in the favour of homeowners as it provides the perfect opportunity for a greenery-clad outlook using artificial green panels. We love this trend and Evergreen Walls has been involved in many kitchen splashback installations, with amazing results. Artificial greenery is the perfect solution in many of these instances, where the location of the fence or wall doesn’t necessarily lend itself to optimal lighting or ease of access which are both required in the care of real plants.

Artificial Statement Plants

Towering statement plants and trees can be difficult to maintain or even impossible to keep when small children and pets are involved. Perhaps this is why artificial statement plants such as palms and fiddle leaf figs are becoming increasingly common in office spaces and homes. They don’t require water, sunlight or soil, making them a convenient and clean alternative with no risk of unnecessary mess - a welcome change to traditional house plants.

Statement plants are a beautiful feature in any space but look especially effective in common rooms like lounge areas and dining areas. Offset the charm of a tropical palm or fiddle leaf fig by housing them in woven baskets or neutral stone pots. 

Pro AV office-min

Climbing And Hanging Greenery

The best part about climbing and hanging greenery is that they require no floor space and can make maximum effect out of a tiny area. We’ve seen climbing greenery beautifully utilised in small, confined spaces like hallway laundries and powder rooms. They’re the perfect addition atop a single shelf or hanging from a woven basket, suspended from the ceiling. And as they’re usually positioned high up, the artificial type is ideal to avoid annoying watering and irrigation requirements.


Gone are the days where artificial was synonymous with tacky and lifeless. The artificial plants available on today’s market have come a very long way, with new technologies and manufacturing methods becoming commonplace. Artificial plants and greenery, from certain high quality sources are almost indistinguishable from the real deal due to plenty of attention paid to textures, colours and anatomical detail. There’s no longer any need to sacrifice authenticity in the name of convenience, as reputable distributors such as Evergreen Walls provide both at an affordable price. Realism is an extremely welcome trend in the market of artificial plants, finally allowing consumers the best of both worlds.

greenery installation for Cachet group-min

Green Canopies

One overarching plant trend of 2020 was the vast number of green canopies and overhead installations being utilised in corporate and event spaces. The concept of greenery is nothing new, so for businesses really wanting to create a unique and ultra-modern workplace, the suspended installation of plants really creates an impressive point of difference.

Indoor Jungles

The popularity of green walls continued to rise in the first half of 2020, but the most commonly chosen green wall tended to be those that are thick and incredibly dense. Panels like the Urban Deluxe and the Premium Spring feature full coverage and a range of plants that ‘grow out of the wall’, creating a charming indoor jungle that draws attention and creates a calming ambience. The rise in popularity of high-quality green walls is no surprise to us. View our entire range here.

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