Give Clients the Garden Wall System They Want Without the Maintenance

Give Clients the Garden Wall System They Want Without the Maintenance

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods

Green walls can make a huge impact in your commercial design, but many clients hesitate to select a garden wall system for their project because of how high maintenance a living wall can be.

The trimming, watering and upkeep that goes into a living plant wall might be a dealbreaker for some. But designers and professionals can help their clients find a premium-quality, low-maintenance garden wall system to achieve a successful design, without all the hard work.

Using an artificial green wall in your space can enhance the design and offers other solutions that appeal to clients.

Design Trends: Low Maintenance Plant Walls

Whether your client wants a living wall for their office or retail space, chances are they’re not looking for something that requires a ton of their time. The popularity of garden wall systems is on the rise, however, some clients might still demand a design with greenery.

Daydream Island Custom Planter BoxesAlways Evergreen - but not just green walls. We also install custom planter boxes like here in Daydream Island.

You can help them find a low-maintenance solution with an artificial plant wall or vertical garden. These innovative wall systems are easy to install and don’t require watering, trimming or the maintenance headaches that some plant walls cause.

Get the Same Look With Artificial Green Walls

Artificial green walls look just like real plants, so there are multiple benefits to including them in your design (without worrying about any plants dying).

An artificial green wall is a vertical garden system made up of modular panels with plants built into the mesh backing: These lifelike plants don’t cause allergies and won’t cost your clients additional money for upkeep.

You’ll find these garden wall systems in all types of commercial designs and projects. They’re versatile enough to work for interior and exterior design, offering your clients solutions for privacy or style.

A Garden Wall System They’ll Always Enjoy

Once you install an artificial green wall, clients are able to simply enjoy it. A garden wall system works well in just about any type of business, but this wall comes with the additional benefit of setting it up without needing to pay specialist companies for maintenance and upkeep.

Using an artificial and low maintenance plant wall in your client’s design gives them a look they can always rely on. Because the plants aren’t living, your client won’t need to worry about pests or any kind of natural process that real plants deal with: decay, bug infestation, seasonal changes, etc.

A garden wall system like the Evergreen Walls system doesn’t require sunlight, water or your client’s attention, so it’s an affordable and energy-conscious solution for busy (but discerning) clients.

Green Wall Designs They Won’t Forget

There are some impressive solutions for a green wall that offer your clients a look that will enhance their design — and they’re budget-friendly.

Commercial Shopping Centre Green Wall SystemCreate visual interest in any kind of space, as this shopping center did with Evergreen panels in the entrance of their new building.

They wanted something that would add a WOW factor to their new facility, that was easy to install in the tall, restricted space and that was fire-rated to Australian Standards. By using an artificial garden wall system, they were able to get the look they wanted that fit the building codes and it wouldn’t cost them more money down the line with specialty maintenance.

Pyrmont Office Tower Hanging Vines and Custom Hanging Baskets

The custom green wall solution in this holiday resort lobby offers a welcoming and organic design to the space, cheerfully greeting visitors and employees as they enter the building. Tension wires were used to create the structure and Evergreen Walls designed and installed the huge greenery feature along with the bespoke planter boxes and hanging baskets.

Suspended Retail Green Wall Panels

Garden wall systems can also help your retail clients stand out from the other storefronts. The suspended green wall panels in this retail space give it a bright and appealing look, and the bright green color of the plants adds a nice contrast to the rest of the store’s design.

Office Fit Out Green Moss Panels

This office space wanted garden panels that would work with their classy, high-end design. Evergreen moss panels were exactly what they needed.  It brought nature into the office space without needing a lot of future upkeep or maintenance by the client.

Indoor Swimming Pool Green Wall System

This multi-residential project wanted to bring some greenery into their indoor swimming pool area. Live greenery wasn’t an option due to the humidity and chemicals produced by and used in the pool. This green wall system provided a low-budget, low-maintenance solution to their needs.

Need More Customisation?

Custom Planter Systems and Panels

Evergreen Walls garden wall systems already come in a wide range of styles, from our Coastal collection to our Urban collection. However, we know that some designers and clients need a more customised solution.

The modular properties of our green wall products provide a semi-custom solution that gives you the opportunity to create a custom look that fits your client's exact aesthetic without the hassle, price tag or time it takes for a standard custom solution.

So from simply adding in a few of your favourite plants or vines, to creating your very own vertical garden design, we can do that. Because our existing panels are built into a mesh base, you can have any artificial plant added to the mesh, for a secure hold that will last and a finished green wall that will be entirely unique to your project. With our custom solutions, there’s no worrying that the additions will fall out after a few weeks. They’re there for the life of the wall.

Now you can give your client a wall that’s exactly what they want, that works with your design and won’t be found in any other commercial project. If you are interested in a custom solution for your next design project, click here to contact us to discuss your needs.

Or you can learn more about more plant wall solutions and their benefits by checking out our guide here.

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