Eight Ways To Overhaul Your Home's Aesthetic Using Only Greenery
Overhaul your home without having to invest in renovations. We delve into 8 different ways you can revamp different areas of your home with greenery.
Tax Write-Offs That Could Benefit Your Small Business
Tax time is fast approaching and small businesses are getting their finances in order. Here are some business expenses that might reduce your tax bill.
Outdoor Cafe Installation
Do you want maintenance-free artificial greenery for your care or outdoor seating area? Check out this video to see how we can help...
Sponsoring local events - Aqua Rugby 2022
March 2022 - Evergreen Walls sponsoring Aqua Rugby Festival, Sydney, Manly. Supporting local family-friendly events with live music, food & festivities.
Kitchen Window Splash back installations
Here are the best kitchen splashbacks and kitchen window splashbacks we've recently installed. Unique ideas and interior designs for home renovations and outlooks for residential properties.
New Product: Urban Rainforest
New Product Release: Urban Rainforest
The Comparison - Artificial vs Living
Nothing compares to living plants in the natural world, however, we do know it can be challenging for plants to thrive in unconventional environments.
Plasticrete Partnership - Recycled Products
Australian Made Week 2022. Our latest partnership with Plasticrete, an eco furniture solutions company founded and based in Sydney. Read about our recycled handmade terrazzo concrete products, made in-house.
The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Vertical Gardens: Answered!
Vertical gardens are a rapidly growing trend in the interior design industry, revered for their ability to totally overhaul the look of a space instantly.
How To Improve Your Home Or Office Space With Minimalism
Minimalism has been touted for it’s incredible aesthetic appeal and the health benefits that come from a clutter-free space, especially for the mind.
Guide to Artificial Green Walls (and Where to Get Them)
We run through the differences between using artificial plants and real ones, look at the different types of green wall panels available, and offer tips on cost, appearance, installation and maintenance.
Instant Asset Write Offs - Tax Deduction Extensions for Businesses
Instant asset write offs for small Australian businesses tax deductions extensions for end of financial year 2021 tex break extended