Love Summer? Green Walls Keep Your Space Green Year Round

Love Summer? Green Walls Keep Your Space Green Year Round

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods

Artificial living wall

The only bad thing about summer every year is it has to come to an end. Everyone loves the summer season for different reasons, whether it’s enjoying the outdoors, being with family and friends or just admiring the greenery. But what if we told you there is a way to keep summer going year round, no matter where you live?

When you have an artificial living wall or any other type of artificial greenery in your home, you’ll be able to experience summer at any time. Here are some of the benefits of artificial plants and how they can keep summer going for you.

Artificial vs. Real Plants

There’s always a debate about whether artificial plants are really as good as real plants. If you think about it, having a fake vertical garden requires much less maintenance than real plants, and they’ll look just as good. Depending on where you live, you may not experience much sunlight in seasons other than summer. Most live plants need a certain amount of sunlight that just isn’t possible indoors, so a fake vertical garden is the way to go once summer ends.

Greenery in Any Season

Who says you have to live in an unattractive home during the winter? Just because the leaves on the trees outside are gone doesn’t mean you can’t have green wall plants inside! With an artificial living wall, you can enjoy greenery no matter what the weather is outside. Plus, you can interchange the plants to change up the scenery, depending on the season you’re in and the tastes you have at the time.

Take Advantage of the Low Maintenance

Live plants are great during the summer because of the natural greenery, but once summer ends, take advantage of the low maintenance features artificial plants have to offer. You don’t have to worry about watering them, trimming them or making sure they have enough sun. You can simply position the plants how you want them anywhere in your home and enjoy the beauty!

Evergreen Walls has an extensive selection of green wall plants to meet any needs. No matter where you live, you deserve to keep your living space green as long as you want. Summer shouldn’t signify the end of greenery in your home, so feel free to contact us at any time to see what options we have to fit your style.

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