The Beginner's Guide to Vertical Garden Systems

The Beginner's Guide to Vertical Garden Systems

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods

Vertical gardens have taken the design world by storm. In an age of concrete, people crave the aesthetics and ambience of greenery, even if they don’t have enough space for planters and pots

With vertical gardens, you can bring greenery to just about any space. Indoor or outdoor, these gardens can turn a nondescript area into something beautiful, artistic, and cutting edge. And when you install an artificial green wall system, you don’t have to worry about insects, excessive moisture, or the loss of your precious plants if they dry out or suffer from disease. Your garden will always look as beautiful as the day it was installed.

In this post, we’ll introduce beginners to vertical garden systems and their unique features.



Benefits of Artificial Vertical Garden Systems

Not all areas are easy to decorate. Some have awkward traffic patterns, some have strange lighting, and some are just too small for the introduction of many decorative elements. Adding greenery is a simple but effective way to take care of these difficult areas.

Often, our vertical gardens are installed in areas that need a creative solution. Maybe it‚Äôs a location that doesn‚Äôt naturally lend itself to plant growth or maintenance. Maybe it‚Äôs an area that has poor lighting or cramped spacing. Whatever the reason, artificial vertical garden systems can provide additional life and aesthetic interest. 

Artificial vertical gardens are easy to set up, they’re durable, and they’re instantly green. You can easily clean them with a damp cloth if they get dusty or dirty, and they provide a consistency of coverage that you can’t usually obtain with natural plants.



Artificial vertical gardens can be installed just about anywhere. They don’t require UV lighting, so you don’t have to worry about installing them in places that receive too much or too little sunlight. Some people like to change the lighting dynamics in a space by installing flood lights near vertical gardens. This creates interesting, eye-catching lighting effects.



Our vertical garden systems come to you in panels, making them easily customisable. You can install them yourself or have our team of national installers help you. You can choose how many panels you want and design the configuration that best meets your stylistic needs.

Since you don’t have to worry about irrigation or watering, you can install your vertical garden anywhere without having to plan for plumbing and drainage.


Instant Gratification

With living vertical gardens, it usually takes several weeks or even months for the plants to grow and fill out. In the meantime, your vertical garden will look sparse and underdeveloped. With our artificial vertical garden systems, you will enjoy instant, mature, permanent results. You’ll be able to immediately see the fruits of your designing labors (without frustrating maintenance).



Moss Wall Options

If you’re really craving live plants but just don’t want to deal the all of the associated maintenance issues, consider installing a live moss wall.

Moss lives a different life than most of its green relatives. It grows an average of just 1mm to 3mm per year, so it doesn’t require pruning or trimming.

Our moss walls are made from a natural moss called stellaris, which is grown in the forests of Scandinavia. We import it and create no-maintenance panels for green walls. These walls are breathtaking, and not only do they brighten up a room, but they actually clean the air as well. In fact, there are several scientific benefits of moss walls.


Questions to Ask Before You Buy

If you’re considering installing a vertical garden system, there are several important questions you should ask before you buy.


1.   Do the plants look realistic?

While you want vertical gardens to attract the attention of visitors, you don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention. For example, if the plants in the garden are not biologically accurate, people might be drawn to it to decide what kinds of strange plants it contains.

This isn’t the kind of attention you want. Therefore, it’s important to find out if the plants in an artificial garden system are the right shapes, shades, and proportions as the natural plants they’re imitating. When an artificial vertical garden resembles the genuine article, it provides a peaceful, refreshing backdrop for a beautiful space.


2. Can the garden be customised?

The space you‚Äôre hoping to enhance probably already has some uniqueness of its own. Customising the vertical garden gives you limitless options for creating something one-of-a-kind that will help you to achieve your design goals. 

You can choose how many panels you need and then decide which flowers and plants will best fill those panels. Whether you prefer moss, evergreens, ferns, lavender, laurel leaves, ficus, or even tropical plants, you’ll be able to find the perfect combination to accent your wall.


3. Do artificial vertical gardens cost as much as live vertical gardens?

Not only do our vertical garden systems never die, but they also cost less than half as much as living vertical gardens. And that’s just for the initial setup! Remember that artificial vertical gardens are maintenance free. You’ll occasionally want to clean them, but they’re cleaned just like any other decor that needs to be dusted from time to time.

Living vertical gardens, on the other hand, require daily maintenance. They must be watered, trimmed, sprayed, and replanted from time to time. So ongoing maintenance costs are also associated with living vertical gardens. If your budget is limited for this design element, opt for an artificial vertical garden.

As you can see, vertical garden systems are manageable even for beginners. In fact, you might say that we‚Äôve designed our systems so that anyone can be successful with them. Because you have so many options available in terms of size, plant varieties, placement, and arrangement, you‚Äôll be able to create a custom solution for any space, indoor or out. 

If you have additional questions about artificial vertical garden systems or live moss walls, feel free to contact us at Evergreen Walls. We look forward to helping you to create a vertical masterpiece for your unique space.

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