Modern Architecture: Round is the New Square

Modern Architecture: Round is the New Square

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods

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Architecture has evolved greatly over the years and appears to be continuing to do so. Anywhere you go, you’ll see tall buildings mostly shaped like a square or rectangle. But the future of architecture may include round buildings instead of the typical square shape.

Round architecture provides many benefits from a practical and aesthetic perspective. They provide easier walkways around the building and you can incorporate artificial plant wall panels just about anywhere. Is it possible that round could become the new square? Let’s see how it may be possible.

Round Office Buildings Look Sleek and Innovative

Businesses have to impress with modernisation in order to stay on top of the curve. A round office building design has a sleek appearance and immediately makes a business look innovative. Just like with traditional office buildings, the larger the company is, the larger you can make the circle to house your offices. Round architecture for office buildings gives off the appearance that will attract top talent to a company.

Employees Are Encouraged to Walk in a Round Building

With a round office building, companies can better organise their people into different departments. Not only is the organisational aspect easier, but people are also encouraged to get up and walk more in a round setting. If you think about it, most people prefer to make a loop when they walk rather than just make a straight line path to a destination. You can encourage them to walk more often by incorporating a hanging wall garden or two every couple hundred feet to give them something pleasant and relaxing to look at while they walk.

Plus, walking throughout the day has proven to have some psychological benefits when it comes to work productivity. Taking a short 5-10 minute break to walk around can be very beneficial to productivity, especially when there’s an artificial living wall to look at throughout the building.

Interior and Exterior Design Options Are Limitless

We’ve touched on it briefly, but you can design round architecture however you would like. Artificial plant wall panels are great because they can be installed with the curvature of the round building. These panels provide a natural appearance, even though the plants are artificial. Round buildings give you the opportunity to be creative with interior and exterior design.

At Evergreen Walls, we stay on top of all the trends when it comes to modern architecture. Our artificial plant wall panels are perfect for both square architecture and round architecture. Be sure to contact us for the best options, no matter how your building is shaped.

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