How to Create The Illusion of Light In Your Windowless Office

How to Create The Illusion of Light In Your Windowless Office

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods

Green wall plants

If you’ve ever had an office with a nice window to let natural light shine through, you probably miss it dearly if you now have a windowless office. A window is one of those things you never realise how much you like until it’s no longer there. But even though you don’t actually have natural light, you can still be creative in making it appear like you have light coming through a window. Here are a few ways to make it happen.

Add Mirrors

One large mirror or a couple medium-sized mirrors can make artificial light bounce around enough to make it appear like it’s natural light. And if you have enough room in your office, you can combine the mirrors with artificial greenery panels to create an even more natural appearance. The light bouncing off of the mirrors and shining on the greenery will look so natural you may even forget it’s not natural lighting.

Use Hidden Light

You may consider putting a lamp or other light source behind a bookshelf or other furniture. This will create an indirect glow on the wall, which makes it seem like there’s an outside light source shining in. When you have the indirect light, it will make green wall plants glow even more vibrantly, so hidden lights and greenery are perfect complements to each other.

Incorporate Wall Plants

We’ve alluded to it already, but greenery like vertical garden planters can actually indirectly create the illusion of light in your office. The way the artificial lights in your office bounces off the plants makes it feel like you’re outside. Just be careful not to overdo it so you avoid making your office look like a jungle.

Paint Walls Bright Colours

Bright colours can make it seem like you have an outside light source. And artificial greenery panels look great with any bright coloured wall, since the natural greenery provides a subtle contrast. You want to make your windowless office have a sort of glow without being too bright, so pairing bright walls with subtle greenery is one way to accomplish it.

Evergreen Walls is here to help you find creative ways to make your windowless office look like it’s pouring with natural sunlight. Our wide selection of artificial greenery panels will surely meet your tastes and desires, so feel free to contact us any time to see our different options.

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