Create a Calming Oasis in Your Next Office Project

Create a Calming Oasis in Your Next Office Project

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods


Evergreen Walls fake vertical wall garden

Designing office spaces has changed over the years, as studies are showing worker productivity is higher when the work environment is more peaceful. As a result, designers have to be creative when incorporating different calming elements in an office. While this may seem difficult in some cases, all it really takes is an artificial plant wall covering in some areas to get the job done. Here are some other great tips for transforming any office space into a calming oasis.

Nature is the Best Calming Medicine

It’s been proven that natural elements improve worker productivity and efficiency. So when you’re designing your next office project, don’t forget to include green wall plants. You can place green wall plants strategically around the office where employees will be able to see at least one no matter where they are. Many office buildings don’t even have windows to be able to look out of, so having artificial plants will help tremendously.

Noise Absorbing Designs Help Calm Employees

Another factor in designing a calm office is absorbing noise as much as possible. Office workers can stress out if they hear a lot of talking, doors slamming or other random noises throughout the day. An artificial plant wall covering can absorb a lot of the day-to-day noises you hear in an office space. This will help eliminate distractions and reduce stress in employees as a result.

Natural Light and Colours Help

If you have windows to work with, you can easily incorporate a fake vertical wall garden in any office. While you don’t need natural light to keep an artificial garden alive, the sunlight hitting the plants can give off a natural look and feel. Furthermore, depending on the type of fake vertical wall garden you choose to incorporate, the plants you use can have different colours to help brighten up the space even more. Imagine the calming office environment you could create with a mixture of green, red, blue, yellow and other colours along a wall!

Evergreen Walls has helped designers create the best calming office environments for many years. Our products can be incorporated strategically in any office space, so be sure to contact us today for help on getting started creating your calming oasis.

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