Why We Love Artificial Greenery (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love Artificial Greenery (And You Should Too!)

Mar 25, 2024Ashleigh Lieberman

It’s no secret that we love artificial greenery and believe that everyone can benefit from it. We’ve become experts in artificial greenery, supplying and installing green walls and greenery solutions in every industry from hospitality to corporate offices for the better half of the past decade. We proudly wear the title of Australia’s number one trusted greenery supplier and owe our success to our passion. We love artificial greenery and think you should too. Read on to discover why.

Artificial Plants Are Exceptionally Low maintenance

If you’re like the vast majority of people who love the look of plants and greenery however struggle to keep it alive and lush, then artificial plants are the ones for you. After the purchasing and installation process is complete, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax and occasionally wipe any dust off your greenery with a wet cloth. Real plants require water, specific amounts of sunlight and can be absolutely tedious to keep alive and looking good. We love artificial plants because they provide a practical solution for everyone.


Artificial Greenery Can Beautify A Space

Forget expensive and time-consuming renovations, the installation and use of artificial greenery can have a huge impact on a space with minimal effort and at a fraction of the price! Greenery and plants are a timeless and classic way to up-style a space, infusing calming ambience and adding an effective pop of colour at the same time. Greenery and plants are certainly an underrated design element. With the right selection of plants in a careful curation of pots and baskets, a room can be totally transformed.

kenneth road kitchen green wall

It’s Affordable To Purchase And Install With No Ongoing Costs

Considering there’s no need to replace dead or diseased plants and that the lifespan of artificial greenery is notably longer than real plants, the initial cost of artificial plants is extremely affordable. If it’s a green wall you’re considering, then the artificial kind is again substantially cheaper with no need for irrigation or lighting systems to keep the plants alive and healthy. Even the cost of installation is much cheaper than most would assume, making a green wall a very affordable investment for any business or home.


Greenery Creates Human-Healthy Spaces

Biophilia is the concept of nature-filled spaces and has been esteemed for its ability to provide functional and aesthetic benefits to work and community spaces. And one of the most prominent elements in biophilic design is greenery and its undeniable link to nature. Biophilia and greenery have been linked to calmer, healthier and happier environments. Studies such as one carried out by the University of Aarhus have linked greenery to a life-long increase in happiness, which is ever-important in modern cities where nature is sparce and humans are spending increasing amounts of time inside buildings. This type of research has been the foundation of Biophilic design and the recent shift of the design and construction industry towards consciously creating healthier, human-centric and nature-filled spaces.

meriton pool green wall

Artificial Greenery Brings Nature Indoors

We humans are spending an increasing (and sometimes concerning) amount of time indoors, in buildings and in cities. We are more removed from nature than ever before and it’s having obvious implications on our health and wellbeing. Artificial greenery helps to counter some of the negative effects that so much indoor time can have, helping us to feel happier and more connected to nature. Not to mention, nature is the most undisputed standard of beauty.


Artificial Plants Maintain Their Vibrancy All Year Long

Unlike real plants, artificial plants won’t wilt and die if lacking sufficient sunlight or exposed to unfavourable conditions. They won’t even dull in colour. Artificial plants and greenery maintain their unwavering vibrancy at all times and definitely aren’t at risk of the same browning leaves that real plants are.


The Installation Possibilities Are Endless

Unfortunately, real greenery does not lend itself to easy installation in unique or interesting places. And this can dampen its effect. So many of our most impressive greenery projects have involved the use of our greenery in suspended installations, customised logo shapes and hard to reach places. These have only been possible due to the hardy and maintenance-free nature of our products, unlike the needs of real plants. For maximum effect, artificial greenery is the perfect solution.

NAB Martin Place3-1

Artificial Greenery & Plants Are More Durable

Made from polyethylene and much more durable than real plants, our artificial green panels are able to withstand high volumes of foot traffic, destructive children and can even be moved from one spot to another with ease and no loss of structure/quality. The durability in our plants makes our products the practical choice, allowing our customers the freedom to install our green walls wherever they want with absolute peace of mind and a warranty guarantee.


Artificial Greenery Doesn’t Attract Bugs And Insects

Real plants can prove problematic in offices and homes for multiple reasons but perhaps the most inconvenient would be the risk of bug infestations. We’re the first point of call for many businesses who’ve made the mistake of using real plants in planter boxes and other features only to encounter pesky bug infestations. We’ve taken responsibility for the removal of the infested plants and replaced them with our artificial plants and these particular clients have been the most relieved and grateful for our services.

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It Won’t Trigger Allergies

Allergies are a burden for those living with them and can cause havoc on sufferer’s health and wellbeing. Spring is known to be a challenging time for allergy sufferers due to heightened pollen counts and the new growth of flowers however bringing real plants and flowers into an office or home where allergy sufferers are exposed to these dreaded allergens can really hurt their health all year round. Artificial plants and greenery won’t cause this problem and are the perfect solution.


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