Best Poolside Greenery Designs for FY2021

Best Poolside Greenery Designs for FY2021

Mar 25, 2024Evergreen Walls

Here are some of our top poolside greenery installation projects featuring our most popular green walls for FY20/21. 

Creating a beautiful poolside space using green walls is simple, cost-effective, and maintenance-free. DIY installation is quick and easy for those wanting a fun project, or simply sit back and relax while one of our qualified installers designs your poolside oasis for you. 

Transform your space today and create your own vacation at home!


whale beach boxwood pool area-min

Project: Whale Beach Residential Hedge

Product: Classic Boxwood

Meriton projects spectrum pool room

Project: Meriton Indoor Pool

Product: Evergreen Premiumpoolside green wall residential-1Project: Poolside Oasis

Product: Evergreen Urban

Evergreen Coastal Green Wall Installation

Project: Residential poolside and dining area

Product: Evergreen Coastal & Coastal Autumn

Meriton pools

Project: Meriton Indoor Pools

Product: Evergreen Premium Country crimson green wall pool side

Project: Sylvaniya Waters Residential

Product: Country Crimsonpremium panels woollahra jo -min-1

residential pool area woollahra-minProject: Premium Pool side half wall

Product: Evergreen Premium

pool area greenery-minProject: Residential Poolside Boxwood
Product: Classic Boxwood

green wall in pool area-min

Project: Residential green wall feature

Product: Evergreen Country

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