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Meriton Mascot's Poolside Green Wall

Project Details

Executive Summary

We’ve worked with Meriton on multiple occasions, installing our artificial greenery into a variety of their locations, including residential and commercial properties.

Meriton are renowned for their luxurious and modern buildings, striving hard to maintain their reputation for quality in all of their development projects. They use only the best materials in the construction process and that includes our premium artificial greenery and plants.

To brighten the indoor pool area, Meriton engaged us to install our Evergreen Premium panels. Our Evergreen Premium panels have a Group 2 fire rating and are UV treated, making them the ideal choice for any large commercial installation, especially where building codes require such a certification or where sun and water are present. Our artificial greenery is the perfect complimentary element to a beautiful blue pool, with the contrast of colours effectively highlighting each other.


Although not hugely challenging, we did have to consider the access issues that would occur with installing our greenery so close to a pool. The greenery also extended all the way to the ceiling and this required appropriate access equipment too. We at Evergreen are highly experienced in installing our products in hard-to-reach places and always come up with a fast and effective solution, with this project being no exception. 

How Our Products Helped

Evergreen Premium is the safe and affordable greenery solution for all commercial projects. With its group 2 fire rating, building and design professionals can confidently use our products knowing that they're of the highest quality and meet the appropriate industry standards. Our artificial greenery allows professionals to bring nature into their spaces without increasing any maintenance requirements and beautifies without the ongoing costs of real plants and gardens.

Results, Return On Investment And Future Plans

The result of our greenery installation was an extremely impressive pool area in the Mascot Meriton building that residents and visitors can enjoy without the added cost and time required to maintain a real vertical garden. As the plants are artificial, they're also at zero risk of being damaged by the chlorine-treated pool water that will inevitably come into contact with the plants. The return on investment of such a project is great due to the success of Meriton relying upon resident and prospective resident satisfaction. A beautified leisure area such as a pool can act as a fantastic selling asset, creating potential for a happier and healthier lifestyle for residents.


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