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Installation Project: Rosebank College

Project Details

The project carried out by Evergreen Walls at Rosebank College involved the installation of a large artificial green wall in an area that had been abandoned due to its lack of appeal, despite the fact that it was frequently passed by thousands of children. The space needed an update that would make it more visually appealing and in compliance with safety standards.

The team at Evergreen Walls installed a Group 2 fire rated artificial green wall that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also low maintenance, making it the perfect solution for the client's needs. The green wall was also in compliance with the national safety standards, ensuring that the children passing by were safe.

In addition to the green wall, there was also a large stormwater pipe in the area that was an eyesore and could not be removed. The Evergreen Walls team tackled this issue by installing vines and hanging bushes that provided coverage and concealed the unsightly poles, further enhancing the overall look of the space.

The final result of the project was met with satisfaction from the client, who was pleased with the transformation of the dull and deserted area into an attractive and safe space that could be enjoyed by the thousands of children who pass by daily. The artificial green wall and foliage not only added vibrance and beauty to the area but also fulfilled the practical need for safety compliance and low maintenance.



Rosebank College


• Technical designer - Scope of works
• Project Management - Sydney Director
• Installation - Team of two over two days




Evergreen Premium




Rosebank, New South Wales

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