8 Ways to Create Beautiful Artificial Hedge Walls

8 Ways to Create Beautiful Artificial Hedge Walls

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods

There are lots of ways to enhance a design with green and natural features. Bringing a softer, organic feel to your space might just be the perfect finishing touch to your project. 

But working with live plants can be costly and time-consuming. Instead, artificial plant walls and materials can benefit your design in a few surprising and innovative ways. Below, we‚Äôve showcased artificial hedge wall designs that are sure to inspire your next project. 

1. Conversation Starters

Exterior Green Wall For Suburban Balcony

This balcony features a lush, appealing pop of green, and makes the space a perfect setting for relaxing in the evenings or entertaining guests. The artificial hedge wall installed here uses Evergreen Wall‚Äôs Mixed Fern for an inviting, friendly design. 

2. Spa-Like Luxury

Indoor Swimming Pool Green Wall

The owner of this multi-residential building wanted to create a luxury experience in the indoor swimming pool area for residents. By installing an attractive and low-maintenance green wall, the owner added lush, outdoor appeal without the hassle, care and time commitment that real greenery comes with. 

3. Fire-Safe Solutions

Commercial Green Wall Facade

The building owner wanted to add interest and dimension to the exterior facade of this commercial building but needed a fire-safe solution. A real plant wall comes with a list of requirements to keep it looking attractive, so the owner chose an easier-to-install outdoor artificial hedge wall. The greenery contrasts nicely with the smooth surface of the glass windows, and because Evergreen Wall‚Äôs products are tested for fire-code compliance, the owner was secure in building‚Äôs fire safety. 

4. Surprising Applications

Trade Show Feature Wall | Matters Speaking

It can be hard for brands to get noticed at industry trade shows, but standing out from the crowd might be as easy as installing an artificial plant wall at your booth. This business owner chose Evergreen Walls’ green wall panels in classic ferns to create visual interest and big impact, bringing a touch of texture and color to welcome any visitors.

5. Functional Beauty

Garden Fence Space | Trellis Red

This impressive green wall was installed in the homeowners‚Äô backyard, adding interest and understated beauty to the privacy wall. Plus, the artificial hedge wall won‚Äôt require the pruning, watering and seasonal upkeep that a real plant wall does, and will stand up to harsh weather. 

6. Enhance Well-Being

Outdoor Artificial Green Wall | Liverpool Hospital

More designers are going green, not just because plants can brighten up a room, but because organic design elements like wood features or plants have been found to enhance the well-being of the people who use the space. Liverpool Hospital‚Äôs outdoor cafe includes this custom greenery installation to make it a more welcoming and comfortable setting for hospital patients and guests. 

7. Spaces That Will Wow

Beauty Salon | Classic Ferns

This modern salon needed decor to match their vision for a fun and inviting client experience. The owner was able to add dynamic design to the space by installing the Classic Fern wall. By adding greenery in unexpected ways, visitors are treated to a totally unique salon experience. 

8. More Productive Work Environments

Office Fit out | Evergreen Moss

This office space needed an interior design that could provide a productive and healthy working environment for team members. Artificial green walls aren‚Äôt just attractive; they can also provide acoustic solutions and visual interest in conference rooms or offices. This custom installation uses Evergreen Moss to help absorb echo in the space and adds beauty to blank office walls. 

Enhancing Your Own Space

Good design comes in many forms, and by using artificial hedge walls, designers and homeowners alike can enhance the look of any space. 

If you‚Äôre interested in using artificial hedge walls or custom greenery installations to elevate your design, click here to receive a sample of Evergreen Wall‚Äôs solutions to inspire your next project. 

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