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Try a Sample First

This is a great way to be sure you will be happy with your order! All of our panels are slightly different with variations in colour and foliage.  


Individual Samples: Usually come as a 25cm x 25cm square.


The Best Seller Pack: In this pack you will receive 1x Coastal 1x Urban and 1x Country.


Due to high demand, please allow 5-10 working days for delivery.

Please use the drop box below to select the sample you would like to receive. For multiple samples, please add the sample to cart and then repeat the process by selecting a different sample.


Unfortunately the Trellis and Moss Panels are not available in sample form.


Sizes may vary. A maximum of 4 samples per order only.ReviewsStars.png

$12.95 per individual sample / $16.95 per Best seller pack 


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Wall Panel Calculator

Use this calculator to work out how many panels you require to cover your wall.

This calculator is for an estimate only and it is the customers responsibility to check the total amount
before ordering the panels with Evergreen Walls.


Maree N.

I am very happy with quality of product. I recommend the green walls over Bunnings and other cheaper options. These represent real quality.

Andrew P.

Communication with the company was spot on. Product received in a timely manner. Will be making further purchases in the immediate future. A+

Nanine Z.

Nice work guys. The Urban Autumn is exactly what our office has been lacking and, as a client, we were treated like royalty.