Kitchen Window Splash back installations

Kitchen Window Splash back installations

Mar 25, 2024Evergreen Walls

Kitchen windows can be the centre piece of any kitchen space. Not only can it be beautiful, but it makes practical sense too. A source of natural lighting, breeze through on hot days and a beautiful outlook to view when cooking.

Used deliberately, window splashbacks brighten up areas, and create the illusion of large spaces

Nothing beats the contrast between a luscious garden and a sleek kitchen layout— a perfect frame for equally impressive outdoor spaces.
Here are 8 window splashback ideas that combine functionality with style.




External Green Wall Kitchen Splash backjpg

Evergreen Coastal with UV safe Leather Fernsevergreenwalls coastal vertical wall kitchen backsplashEvergreen Urban 

kitchen window

Evergreen CoastalEvergreenWallsTheBaileyProjectKitchenSplashBack_2048x2048

Evergreen Coastal 1080 kitchenEvergreen Coastal

kitchen splash back 02

Urban Autumnkitchen_

Urban Autumnkitchen window splash back_

Urban Autumn

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