Vertical Garden Installation Guide




Getting Started

To make installation quicker and easier, we’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide to help you out. The best part is no special fixtures are required and you’ll only need a few things found at your local hardware store.

We design our Evergreen Walls to be easy to install, but there are some instances where you might want a skilled, steady hand that can get the job done right the first time. Contact us for a quote info@evergreenwalls.com.au or give us a call on +61 2 8197 3002 to discuss your project.

Congratulations on selecting your new artificial vertical garden from Evergreen Walls! Before you order you’ll need to measure your wall to ensure you’ll have enough panels for the area you want to cover. Once you’ve received them, you’re just a few steps away from having beautiful greenery in your home or business.

The best part about your artificial green wall is no structural work is needed before installation, since the panels are very light. However, be sure to note the different surfaces the panels can attach to and what is recommended for each surface:


Wall Types

Gyprock/Plasterboard – Our preference is to screw directly into the wall using a 20mm screw with a good thread. There are pre-made holes on the back of the panels for you to use.

Timber – Simple timber screws only. Try using a screw with a large head for more coverage.

Stone wall – Nylon nail plugs. Pre-drill a hole, place the panel on the wall and hammer the plug. Alternatively pre drill a hole, add a plastic plug and screw.

Install Guide   Evergreen Walls   Zeplin-1.png

Concrete – Nylon nail plugs. If you are unable to drill the wall, try cladding the wall with plywood and use timber screws.

Install Guide   Evergreen Walls   Zeplin-1.png

Wire fence – Use black cable ties to hold in place.

Colorbond Fence – Screw directly using metal screws. If you don’t want exposed screws on the other side, you can pre-drill a few holes in the fence and use black cable ties to hold it all in place. If this also isn’t an option we recommend making a timber frame for your panels to be mounted on to.

Install Guide   Evergreen Walls   Zeplin-1.png

Step by Step

1. Make sure the plants on the panels are facing upward when you hold them up to the wall. The plants will slowly open up and look more natural over time.

2. We recommend painting your wall black for the best finish! This isn’t compulsory, but it will improve your finish for your indoor wall garden.

Install Guide   Evergreen Walls   Zeplin-1.png

3. When you begin, be sure to start from the top left or right corner and work your way across.

Install Guide   Evergreen Walls   Zeplin-1.png

4.Use a spirit level to mark a line for fixing points across the top of your wall.

5.Fix your first panel in place using the guideline. You can find the fixing holes on the back of the panel.

6. Put your next panel in place and screw the top using your guideline to keep level.

Install Guide   Evergreen Walls   Zeplin-1.png

7.Lock the two panels together using the clips on the sides of the panel.

8.Repeat this process until the top row is complete. Use three screws for the top of the panel to ensure it is fixed completely flat to the wall.

9.Once the first row is locked in place and fixed to the wall on the top and bottom, move on to the second row.

10.Simply use the clips on the edge of the panels to lock the next row in place. Once clipped in place, screw the panels to the wall to secure the panels.

11.Repeat until finished.

Install Guide   Evergreen Walls   Zeplin-1.png

12.Use garden snippers to trim any excess panels at the bottom or sides to tidy up your newly installed artificial green wall.

There you have it! Now all you have to do is enjoy the fruits of your labor and the relaxing environment your indoor wall garden will create. At Evergreen Walls, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products and the best customer service. If you run into any issues or need some quick advice, please feel free to call us. We are always happy to help!

Install Guide   Evergreen Walls   Zeplin-1.png