How many plants per linear meter should I use? Value Engineering Greenery

How many plants per linear meter should I use? Value Engineering Greenery

Mar 25, 2024Evergreen Walls

Value engineering is a functional approach for planning projects using a multi-disciplined team of experts to identify and reduce unnecessary costs and poor performance while maintaining product quality.

For artificial greenery installations, this is a logical and necessary approach the entire team undergoes before setting out on a project. From concept, design & development, technical aspect & management, installation, and future performance assurance.

This process takes place in phase one - Feasability & Concept


Consider your space, then visualise your end goal. This initial phase of the project includes a preliminary examination of the space and deducing if the end goal is feasible.

Things to consider are:

What is the purpose of this greenery?

What are my design/style preferences?

Are there any environmental factors? and

What is my budget?

grilldPhase two - The Development


Concept design is the beginning of the practical creativity process. Mockups, renders, and elevations, all help with the designing process. Designing with artificial greenery allows for an almost limitless creative mindset. How many plants per linear meter really depends on your preference and budget. As a rule of thumb, we recommend using a cluster of different greenery like the UV Planter Box Scheme as its functionality extends both indoors and outdoors with its UV-safe injection molded plants. This scheme uses a rage of 13 plants per linear metre, and is recommended as a standard planter box scheme as its dense foliage covers the planter box substantially.

In some cases, less really is more
Practically is a necessary point to consider when designing your space with greenery. For example, this planter box only uses 3 Mother in Laws Tongue per linear meter as it allows ease-of-use with the storage below. The view also isn't disrupted for staff on the adjacent side.

NAB - Coffs 3

Simplicity where it counts

Sometimes smaller is better. For this installation, we used a range of smaller Grass Bushes and Baby Tears in pots to create a dynamic outlook without disrupting the view of the city. This layout is also budget-friendly as each plant only costs $12.

Evergreen Office Fit out Greenery Window

Clustering Per Linear Meter

Bunching hanging greenery per linear meter increases visual appeal in some instances. Dense clustering is used to produce a bold statement piece. This irregular clustering creates interest and draws the eye to that particular location and also saves cost per linear meter whilst making the same visual impact. As pictured below, there are 6 hanging bushes per linear meter. If the entire feature were to be covered it would cost more than double the amount and would look excessive. Grilld West Gosford

Grill'd Gosford: Light Cluster Feature - Five hanging bushes per linear meter.Grilled Balgowlah IMG_5013Grill'd Balgowlah: Light Cluster Feature - Two hanging bushes per linear meter.


Quality over Quantity

When adding artificial plants into planters, it's important to consider your environment. Choosing UV safe plants will increase longevity 10-fold and ensure you won't ever need to replace your greenery.

The difference in UV safe and non UV safe plants will be noticeable within a matter of weeks. Read more here. See below, the Evergreen plants feature an arrangement of 9 large and small UV safe plants which creates more coverage with depth, width, and height, whereas the non Evergreen planter box uses 10 uv sprayed plants which lacks coverage in most aspects.

grilld dee why before and clarence st-min

Evergreen Walls Office Fit out Greenery Planter

Phase 3 - Technical & Production


Never limit yourself to horizontal planter options. Small and narrow spaces with high ceilings benefit from having vertical greenery, as it draws the eyes up to focus on the overhead space, instead of noticing the smaller horizontal space of the room. Using galvanised steel mesh grids fixed to walls allows an endless platform for creativity. Using a blank canvas such as mesh grids, allows you to choose the type, style, density and the overall look by using an arrangement of vines and bushes Read more about Steel Mesh Grids here

As a rule of thumb, we recommend using a combination of one hanging bush and two vines per linear meter if the width is 30cm. 

NAB More than money

TIP: If you want to immerse yourself in greenery, use a combination of hanging baskets, green walls, and planter boxes.el jannah 1644572646207Crinitis Darling Harbour

TIP: Bundle smaller and larger plants together to create a dynamic and interesting planter box scheme.planter troughPhase 4 - Post Installation & Future performance reassurance

Selecting the appropriate greenery and the correct amount for your environment is paramount. Ensuring the greenery is

Hotel greenery fitout planter boxes (1)

Above all, don't be afraid to experiment with plant arrangement, colours, textures and greenery densities. Be sure to visualise your end goal by having a design concept, and an installation plan. Sometimes completing an entire fit out can be overwhelming, so you can always leave it up to the experts, or come into oushowroom and talk to us about your project.

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