Mesh Grid - A platform for endless greenery solutions

Mesh Grid - A platform for endless greenery solutions

Mar 25, 2024Evergreen Walls

Galvanised steel mesh grids are the ideal platform for creating boundless greenery designs that's sure to make a statement.

This elegant and effective artificial greenery solution can increase privacy, hide unsightly areas, reduce noise and add vibrant colour to any space. The mesh grids are perfectly suited for events, functions, office spaces, and other commercial environments.

Completely customisable, the galvanised steel mesh grid comes in a variety of sizes, colours, add-ons and is specially designed to be compatible with most slat-wall fittings and fixtures.

600mm W x 1550mm H
600mm W x 1850mm H 
900mm W x 1550mm H
900mm W x 1850mm H
1219mm W x 778mm H 

Which can be joined together, and/or cut to any size. Available in black and chrome.

Add-ons include Wall mounting brackets, Ceiling brackets, Ceiling chains and brackets, Wheelbase insert with lockable wheels, and Solid base inserts.


This setup is ideal for walls that need to be dynamic within a space, or multiple spaces.

This wall stand allows for easy movement and relocation of your green wall, perfect for use as room dividers.

The steel mesh frame makes it incredibly easy to cable tie your chosen green wall panels or weave your favourite vines and stems. Once the wall has been styled with greenery, you can move these portable stands around to screen off any area or enhance the beauty of any space.

Simply select the desired wall size, add the wheelbase, and choose your favourite greenery to cover your wall with.

Portable greenery solutions are perfect for event media walls, photography backdrops, graduation walls, signage walls, and office spaces.

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Mesh grid displayIMG-20210820-WA0019

Aqua Rugby Media Wall Greenery

Pictured above: 2m x 1.8m Bookend media wall featuring Coastal Green wall panels on lockable wheelsMesh grid portable wall installation for Eden

Pictured above: Custom-made portable cafe signage wall featuring coastal green wall on lockable wheels.





Featuring creeping, crawling and climbing greenery is on-trend. Using the mesh grid panels and our popular artificial vines are the perfect maintenance-free solution to make any wall pop.  


NAB Steel Mesh Grid Installation

NAB More than money

Pictured above: NAB install - featuring syngonium hanging bushes and variegated pothos.



Ceiling-mounted greenery features are truly show stoppers. These mesh grids can be inset into the ceiling or dropped down with cables, tension wires, or chains.

BAI communications greenery-min-1

Pictured above: Cachet Group199022908_4302492579774619_105990775970293900_n

Pictured above: Red Square Cafe,Tasmania

For more information on mesh grid greenery solutions, contact our team via, or give us a call on (02) 8197 3002.

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