Jan 27 2022

What is UV-Safe Greenery and How to Choose the Right One for You

Are you an Australian interested in buying artificial plants for your garden, balcony, or business? Then, you’ll want to know what artificial plants will last under the harsh Australian sun.

Perhaps you have seen a fluorescent blue-purple artificial plant at your local cafe or restaurant? Maybe you've already purchased artificial plants in the past and watched them fade quickly over time? The fact is there are so many manufacturers and businesses out there with vast differences in quality, and product lifespan can make things difficult to manage. 

In this blog, we'll give you the low-down on what to look out for and what to avoid so you can have confidence in your artificial plant purchases.


What Makes Artificial Greenery UV Safe or Resistant?

UV Safe and UV Resistant are general terms used by many artificial greenery companies. This usually means one of two things. The artificial greenery has been made with UV resistant chemicals during manufacturing, or the plant has been sprayed externally with UV resistant chemicals after the manufacturing process. These two types of UV resistances are very different in lifespan and quality.


How Long does UV-Safe Artificial Greenery Last?

Generally, this depends significantly on how the greenery is manufactured.

Injection moulded greenery - Can last well over 6+ years in direct sunlight without colour fading or leaves cracking. This makes injection moulded plants superior in most situations, as they retain their pure pigments for the longest. Red pigments fade the quickest so if you are looking for an artificial plant with underlying red pigmentation we would only recommend injection moulded plants.

UV sprayed greenery - Can last for multiple years if UV protection is applied regularly, although even with regular upkeep, fading will still occur. The ongoing costs and maintenance can be upwards of $150 per square meter per year and need spraying every few months - outdoor plants will need more UV applications as the rain washes away the spray.


Can I use Non-UV-Safe Greenery in the Sun if it's Indirect Sunlight?

If you want your plant to last, the answer is generally no. Non-UV-Safe artificial greenery will turn fluorescent purple/green/blue when exposed to too much sunlight. This is due to the unstable chemicals that it's made from, and even when positioned in indirect sunlight, it can have a visible effect.


Can I use Non-UV-Safe Greenery in the Sun if I Spray Them With UV Spray?

Yes. However, you will need to spray them regularly to maintain UV resistance. At an average of $100 per 250ml, it can be a costly and time-consuming process. For this reason, we do not recommend doing this.

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Are 'Silk' Plants UV-Safe?

No! Generally, 'silk' plants are not UV safe and can be a considerable fire hazard. Often 'silk' plants are made from polyester, polymers and or plastics. Whilst they are softer to the touch than UV-safe greenery, they are much more delicate, will fade and tear over time, and are highly flammable. Evergreen Walls generally would not recommend using silk plants due to high maintenance and safety hazards.


I'm Looking at Artificial Plants Online, but it Doesn't Specify if it's UV-Safe or What Type of UV-Safe it is. What do I do?

In this situation, the greenery is likely it is not UV-safe. If you’d like to confirm, you can contact the company directly for further information. All Evergreen Walls greenery will clearly state whether or not the greenery is UV-safe. If you're still unsure, you can contact us directly on (02) 8197 3002.


Why Choose Evergreen Walls

Evergreen Walls UV-Resistant green walls and plants are 'Inherently UV Protected'. This means each plant has been injection moulded with a premium chemical stabiliser during the manufacturing process. During this process, a fire-safe chemical is also injected to ensure all Evergreen Walls are not flammable (unlike silk plants). At Evergreen Walls we offer UV and non-UV safe greenery and would only recommend certain products where necessary. Our team of experts are always happy to assist you with the best solution.

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