The Retailer's Guide to Instagram-Worthy Shop Fit Outs

The Retailer's Guide to Instagram-Worthy Shop Fit Outs

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods

Shop fit outs have the power to create memorable customer experiences, increase store traffic and sales, and provide a steady stream of customer-generated marketing content you can use across social media. The sum total of these benefits can take your shop interior to a new level and translate to real business growth

With the continuing growth of online shopping, it’s more important than ever to design your fit out in a way that optimises the in-store experience. While fit outs can be expensive, it’s important to view them as more than just a way to get more people into the store.

Social media has turned marketing upside down in the past five years, and companies that have learned to use it to their advantage are making incredible headway. So what makes a fit out ‘Instagram-worthy’?



Instagram-Worthy Shop Fit Outs

One of the ways that shops can effectively use social media is to create ‘Instagram-worthy’ areas of their stores where customers are compelled to take pictures. With intelligent design, you can encourage customers to capture images within your store, and post them to social media along with a dedicated hashtag. Suddenly, your customers are doing your marketing for you!

This type of customer-generated content is extremely effective because it combines attractive images, word-of-mouth, testimonials and social proof.

You can even encourage customers to share their in-store pics by offering incentives. For instance, you could provide coupons to those who share photos of within your store on Instagram. 

But how do you turn your existing shop into one that makes people want to brag about having been there? We’ve put together seven of our best shop fit out tips to help you with ideas for your own upcoming design.


1. Provide Seating

Adding a seating area to your shop does a couple of important things. First, it gives people a few minutes to rest their weary shopping feet, and this is time they can leisurely look around and focus in on the products that interest them. 

Second, it gives shoppers the respite they need to truly take in their environment. When their attention drifts beyond your products and to the aesthetic design you’ve achieved, you’ve got a better chance of drawing a valuable picture from their phones, which are more than likely already in their hand.



2. Create an Interesting Path

A shop with an obvious and interesting traffic flow is more likely to attract customers than one that appears disorganised and jumbled. That said, it’s best to design your layout in a way that aisles and fixtures can easily be changed. Returning customers may become bored when everything looks the same each time they come. Quick layout changes add variety to their visits.


3. Widen Your Aisles

Market research has shown that people are more likely to stop and look at items for sale when aisles are wide enough that they can stoop and bend down to better see items on lower shelves. If your aisles are so close that people bump into each other or into racks or shelves, do what you can to clear more space.



4. Include a Green Wall

Take your shop fit out up a notch by including an artificial green wall in your new design. Indisputably Instagram-worthy, retail green walls bring colour into your shop and provide a visually appealing backdrop for signage, product placement, or even just a space for customers to snap selfies.

Artificial green walls don’t require watering or maintenance, and they don’t attract pests like insects, so you won’t have to spend any of your valuable time on them. Also, since artificial green walls are highly customisable, you can use them to complement your existing decor or to bring in a whole new element of design.


Create one large green wall near your shop’s entry, or include smaller linear walls interspersed throughout the shop for a cohesive flow. The sky’s the limit with your design options when it comes to artificial green walls. You can be as creative as you want to because they’re so versatile.


5. Try Floating Shelves

If you‚Äôve been on Instagram lately, you‚Äôve probably seen many pictures of floating shelves. Not just for living rooms anymore, floating shelves are showing up in shop fit outs, and the result is a polished, modern-looking impression. 

Not only do floating shelves look great, but they also save floor space. This is especially important for shops that don’t have any room to spare. If you’re looking for floating shelves that are especially Instagram-worthy, be sure to check out rustic timber, copper pipe, and timber box shelves. These industrial-leaning trims are trending right now and are sure to grab customers’ attention.



6. Colour Schemes

A new, fresh colour scheme for your fit out can give your shop new life and a whole new look. Depending on the kinds of items you stock in your shop, colour schemes can be a bit tricky. But if you can develop a cohesive scheme with pops of colour here and there, you can achieve the kind of coordinated design that is so popular on Instagram and other social media sites. 

If your inventory is a colourful one, consider using colour blocking in your fit out. By sorting items by colour instead of by type, customers navigate through your shop looking for their favourite colour. Once there, they may find other items in their favourite colour that they wouldn’t have found otherwise. Stylistically, this strategy works well, because your shop takes on a unified look it didn’t have before.


7. Go Modular

Stackable modules are showing up more and more in interior design. Not only do they look modern and industrial, but they provide shop owners with easy ways to change displays and layouts.

With modular shelves and tables, you can highlight new products or create displays that can be moved or changed in a matter of minutes. You can change your traffic patterns easily, and even change your fixtures to match your current inventory. 

Clearly, there are many great strategies and ideas out there for your upcoming Instagram-worthy shop fit out. For help with creating and installing a green wall as part of your fit out, reach out to us at Evergreen Walls.

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