Evergreen Walls Awarded Fire Certification

Evergreen Walls Awarded Fire Certification

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods

We‚Äôre proud to announce that our popular Evergreen Panel has been awarded a Group 2 fire rating - and all we had to do was burn 45 of them in a high-tech laboratory. 


The Test

On 22 September this year, we travelled interstate to have a formal full-scale fire test conducted on our product. It was the first test of its kind on an artificial green wall product in Australia, which involved burning a room of 45 Evergreen Panels.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 1.26.53 pm.png


An Australian regulated laboratory conducted the test in accordance with industry standards AS ISO 9705-2003 and AS 5637.1:2015, placing a small gas fuelled box burner in the room of panels and measuring things like heat release rate and smoke density.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 1.28.07 pm.png


The Results

We can now proudly say that we‚Äôre the first and only artificial green wall product in Australia with an official Group 2 fire rating, which means our Evergreen Panel is deemed safe to install everywhere expect a fire escape! 

We feel strongly about making products that are safe for residential and commercial use, and these results reaffirm to our customers that Evergreen Walls don’t only look great; they’re fire safe too.

To learn more about our fire certification or to discuss how we can add a safe and stunning green wall addition to your space, get in touch with us today.

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