8 Décor Hacks Professionals Don’t Want You to Know

8 Décor Hacks Professionals Don’t Want You to Know

Mar 25, 2024Richard Woods

Evergreen Walls indoor green wall

Do you have an area in your home you just don’t like? What about an entire room that’s in desperate need of a makeover? Before you call in a professional to do a complete overhaul, consider making some changes yourself. Sometimes the smallest change to the design of a room can make the biggest difference! Here are some of the top décor hacks professionals won’t tell you about.

1. Choose the Right Color Paint

White walls with white furniture or other white décor usually don’t mix very well. Instead, take an overview of the furniture in your room and consider what color options would look best. Depending on the size of the room, it may only take one afternoon to completely transform its appearance.

2. Use Proper Contrasts

Contrasting colors can also make a huge difference in a room. Outline the trim in a different color or use contrasting colors with your lamps, shades or other pieces of furniture.

3. Indoor Green Wall

A vertical green wall is also a great way to contrast colors without having to get out the paint. Using artificial plants is also the best way to go, since you won’t have to worry about maintaining live plants.

4. Larger Rugs

Oversized rugs can make a room look larger than it actually is. Plus, it’s a great piece of décor many people don’t consider.

5. Hide White Space on Walls

Pictures, artwork or even a vertical plant wall can hide extra white space on walls. You can choose from different sizes of indoor green wall panels to fit small spaces, an entire wall or even an awkward corner.

6. Study the Layout of a Room

Many times you don’t have to spend any money to transform the appearance of a room. You just may have your furniture out of place. Consider shifting furniture and décor around a bit. You may be surprised at how much better the room looks!

7. Don’t Forget the Ceilings

Ugly, outdated popcorn ceilings or pasty white ceilings could also be contributing to the dullness of your room. It will take a little work, but it’s possible to scrape the popcorn ceilings off and/or repaint your ceilings yourself.

8. Add Some Nature Indoors

It’s amazing what even a small vertical green wall can do to the appearance of a room. Adding nature to the indoors is an underrated aspect of home design, so consider bringing some nature in your home.

At Evergreen Walls, we want to make sure you are happy with the décor of your home. For more tips and ideas on how to spruce up your interior with an indoor green wall, feel free to contact us.

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