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Shopping Centres

We are a preferred supplier for shopping centres throughout Australia. 

Our premium artificial vertical gardens have a Group 2 fire rating, are low-maintenance, high quality, and can bring any space to life without ongoing maintenance costs.

Charterhall Shopping Centre

Bring the outdoors in, to create a relaxing, calm ambience for shoppers.

Evergreen's solution to cover-up an old fashioned design in a high-traffic location transformed the atmosphere in Charterhall's Orange location from bleak to vibrant and inviting.

  • Bespoke green wall revitalises  shopping experience
  • Timeless, beautiful greenery adds to ambience
  • Breathes new life into shopping centre with no ongoing up-keep

Harbour Town - Adelaide

Evergreen Walls adds the perfect finishing touch to multi-million dollar upgrade,

Modern architecture and fresh renovations can look bare, feel stark and uninviting for visitors. Evergreen's finishing touch adds an organic-looking, natural canopy that's welcoming to shoppers and retailers looking for space.

  • Bring stark spaces to life with bespoke Evergreen fauna designs
  • Natural-looking finish to renovations
  • High quality solution with zero maintenance

Colonnades Shopping Centre

Evergreen's hanging vines and baskets add alluring vibrancy to bare concrete.

Evergreen's solution created a more pleasant and welcoming experience for shoppers and created a loyal clientele that might otherwise have gone elsewhere.

  • Creates appealing environment that entices shoppers
  • Evergreen's versatile range provides solutions for any shopping centre
  • A maintenance-free method to achieve natural-looking greenery


Easy to Clean

Clean regularly with a damp cloth or for larger features we offer maintenance call outs to keep your greenery looking brand new.

Zero Maintenance

Once installed, there is no need for additional power for lights, irrigation systems or call out fees to maintenance. 

Multi Site Solutions

We can install greenery nationwide as well as globally. We have trained installation crews in each state as well as the UK & USA.


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