The Bavarian's Greenery Installation In Woden Westfield

The Bavarian's Greenery Installation In Woden Westfield

Executive Summary

This was another project with Pinnacle Commercial Interiors, one of our most trusted partners when it comes to commercial fit-outs. They specialise in restaurant interiors and have been selected to head the fit-outs of multiple Bavarian locations nationwide and were also responsible for the design and implementation of New Zealand's first Bavarian restaurant. The new look of The Bavarian features lots of greenery that contrasts beautifully against the natural timbers throughout the restaurant. The Bavarian is owned by iconic hospitality brand Rockpool Dining Group who are also responsible for giving us Sake and Fratelli Fresh among a curation of other esteemed establishments. It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside Pinnacle Commercial Interiors on this exciting new fitout and we can't wait for the next project!


With all new restaurant fitouts there is a stringent deadline to meet while collaborating with multiple other trades and ensuring product is ready to go for our small installation window. This requires careful planning and relies on an exceptionally organised project management team and an installation team that can stick to the schedule meticulously. This is always a challenge but never a problem because we at Evergreen Walls pride ourselves on a team of problem solvers and hard workers.

How Our Products Helped

We used an extraordinarily wide range of plants in this project to create an organic look featuring multiple different moods achieved through hanging vines and baskets, our green discs and bushes in planter boxes. The Bavarian's new and improved look features timber and greenery, and our artificial greenery means the huge volume required for their fitouts won't blow their maintenance requirements out to ridiculous proportions. Our greenery is virtually maintenance free, which is so important in a hospitality environment where cleaning and maintenance demands are already extremely time consuming. 

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The result of our greenery installation at the new Bavarian in Woden Westfield is an inviting and exciting atmosphere where people want to dine not only for the food but also because of the beautiful space we've helped to provide. The space is perfect for gatherings with family and friends and the ambient environment also makes for a fantastic event space for your next birthday or even a wedding.

Pinnacle Commercial Interiors have been entrusted with multiple Bavarian fitouts where we have had the pleasure of working alongside them. We look forward to collaborating with Pinnacle on any future projects that come our way.


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