Overseas Passenger Terminal Sydney portable green wall

Revitalising Sydney's Overseas Passenger Terminal with Free-Standing Greenery Panels

At Evergreen Walls, we are dedicated to turning a 'how' into a 'WOW', and our recent project at the Arrivals Hall in the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Sydney Circular Quay, exemplifies this mission. 

Collaborating with event organisers, Usual Suspects, we aimed to create an awe--inspiring experience that seamlessly guided guests through the vast terminal space.


Evergreen UrbanFree standing double-sided portable dividers

The versatility of our Portable Free Standing Green Wall dividers allows areas to change efficiently with no maintenance of mess.

Turning a 'how' into a 'WOW!'

Our Solution

Instead of opting for mundane black dividers, they turned to Evergreen Walls for our free standing, double-sided portable green wall panels. Not only did these vibrant panels capture attention, but they also offered the flexibility of being reused for future events and various spaces

Our Evergreen Urban green wall panels were installed on both sides of the divider screens, infusing a touch of nature into the surroundings and providing a noise barrier. 

These vibrant panels not only captured attention but due to their UV-safe features can be used both indoors and outdoors without losing their vibrant color and beautiful sheen.

Project Impact

It was a game-changer for the Overseas Passenger Terminal space.The successful integration of Evergreen Walls' portable green wall free standing panels at the event showcased the versatility and ongoing use of our nature-inspired solutions. By enhancing the ambiance of the Arrivals Hall and providing a visually captivating experience, we emphasised our commitment to turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.

By infusing natural elements into our design solutions, Evergreen Walls continues to transform spaces and create lasting impressions that align with our mission of turning a 'how' into a 'WOW'.

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